Digital Woman 2022, Cofidis Opens Digital Women’s Club

For two years, Cofidis has been a partner in the Women’s Digital Election. Arnaud Le Gall, Directeur des Partenariats et Katia Caniot, Directrice de l’Experience Collaborateur pour Cofidis, reviennent sur les raisons de cet et sur le senses engagement à donner à la création du Club de la Femme du Digital qui voit le jour en June

In 2021, the Cofidis Occupational Gender Equality Index settled at 94/100. The score is already well above average. What ways are you exploring to improve it further?

Katia Caniot : When it was established in 2019, our index was already 89/100. Historically, the level of Cofidis has been excellent, but this is never enough. We must not relent in efforts to promote and improve diversity and occupational equality. Two-thirds of the company’s 1,500 employees. This can be explained in particular by the overrepresentation of women in the ranks of the approximately 800 sales consultants in contact with our clients. Because we have always been keen to promote internal promotion, women have been strongly represented in all managerial positions. Thus, nearly 60 per cent of department heads are women. We are also working to reduce any pay gaps that may still exist in our company. This is a point where we are very challenging ourselves. Diversity and diversity are at the core of our DNA. Our mobilization is complete, but we refuse to deviate from patterns of positive discrimination or senseless quotas. We are doing our best to develop women’s leadership in order to increase the proportion of women in positions of responsibility at Cofidis.

The health crisis has brought about profound societal transformations. Digital, remotely operated … Management cards are redistributed. To counteract the so-called sensitivity of femininity to supposed masculine power, isn’t this a categorically archaic discussion?

Arnaud Le Gal : Leadership has never been about masculine or feminine qualities. In spite of everything, everything must be done to pave the way and work so that more women will dare to run for positions of responsibility. Unfortunately, cultural obstacles remain and this is the meaning of our commitment to electing women digital: to highlight those talented women who bring so much to companies.

Katia Caniot : male or female, leadership has no gender. It must be understood that the company’s wealth lies in diversity. Cofidis signed the Diversity Charter in 2010. We established a diversity reference position in 2012 and a disability reporter in 2016. We will soon sign the LGBT+ Charter. The real challenge is the character of the employees who join us, these are the soft skills. Technology can be gained through training, what matters are personal and individual values ​​which must reflect Cofidis’ values.

Cofidis has chosen to be a partner in the Digital Women’s Election for two years and is now in the process of creating a digital sorority. What meaning do you give (or would like to give) to this partnership?

Arnaud Le Gal : We are very proud and very pleased with this partnership that started two years ago. It has a double meaning for us because it is first in line with our commitment to diversity and equality. After that, Cofidis has been in the French market for 40 years, yet we have been able to negotiate digital transformation since now, 90% of our activity is digital. So we believe we have the right to contribute to creating a strong community around digital women. The creation of the Digital Women’s Club meets this goal: to provide the opportunity for these women to meet, discuss and participate and thus enhance the position of women in the company, and more generally, in society.

Katia Caniot As a woman and as an employee experience manager, I am particularly proud of this partnership and of the club that is emerging today. These two initiatives are in a way the banner of our daily reality in Cofidis. I strongly believe in communication by proof and cofidis’ support for digital women fits perfectly in this dimension!

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