E-cigarettes have convinced smokers in France

Every year, 75,000 people die of cancer or preventable diseases related to smoking in France. The electronic cigarette appeared in France in 2010, and it has established itself as a tool for smoking cessation and smoking cessation. Since its launch, it has quickly conquered many smokers who are looking for an alternative solution to quit smoking. Today, there are 3 million vapers in France. According to a study by Xerfi, the e-cigarette market is expected to grow by another 5% to 10% annually between now and 2023. But how did the e-cigarette persuade these ex-smokers to start smoking?

Nice weaning solution

First, health authorities have recognized the help that e-cigarettes provide for successful smoking cessation. First of all, the gesture remains the same, and steam (which replaces smoke) is also present. These are all elements that allow a vaper to return to their smoking habits and then gently wean themselves away from them. In addition, an electronic cigarette is less dangerous than a conventional cigarette. According to the UK Department of Health, “E-cigarette smoking is 95% less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettesWith the level of nicotine that varies with different e-liquid refills, the consumer will be able to choose and adapt to nicotine addiction. An e-cigarette is also an important money-saving option. According to a recent study, vapers save between €1,200 and €4,560 each year by switching to electronic cigarettes.

Nicovip 100% French quality products

In the face of the increasing demand for electronic cigarettes, the global market has had to adapt to the emergence of many stores and e-commerce. To purchase high-quality products, choose a store that specializes in electronic cigarettes and the world of vaping. This is the case of Nicovip who, in addition to providing you with experience, personal advice and quality vaping equipment, provides you with products from the world’s top e-cigarette brands. For the manufacture of French vape products without a price explosion, turn to Nicovip. The online e-cigarette brand offers a wide range of e-liquids in different flavors for e-cigarette beginners to experts, not to mention a selection of accessories. Nicovip also offers 6 different models and shapes of e-cigarettes, which range from capsule to capsule, including single-use e-cigarettes with salt nicotine.

The brand also owns its own e-liquids brand. All raw materials are carefully selected to ensure a high quality French e-liquid that retains all its flavours. Tobacco, mint, fruit, gourmet, cocktail flavors… The e-liquids of popular brands now come in a wide range of flavors. It is presented in a small bottle, and can be carried easily in your bag. There are also large bottles of e-liquid at a very competitive price. The flavor of tobacco, called classic, will allow you to approach your current consumption and begin the smooth transition. Its resemblance to the classic cigarette allows ex-smokers not to be out of place. Peppermint e-liquid leaves a fresh taste in the mouth for old menthol lovers.

CBD to vape

Are you looking for relaxation while vaping? For several years, Nicovip has also offered a complete collection on CBD. Tested for its potential anti-inflammatory benefits, to relieve rheumatism, reduce stress and improve sleep quality, CBD brings you a sense of well-being and relaxation. It is found in e-liquids designed specifically for vaping with or without cannabis flavors. Inhale, exhale and relax with the benefits of CBD.

The site allows you to take advantage of attractive prices, lower than those offered in physical stores, with prices on major brands reduced by up to 50%, as well as discounts and promotions all year round. In addition, Nicovip guarantees free and fast delivery.

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