E-commerce: False promotional scams explode

There are a lot of fake promotions on the internet. While consumer prices rose 4.8% last month over a one-year period according to INSEE, some may be tempted to turn to promotions, especially online. And the web is not lacking. But beware, many tempting offers are scams. The number of scams of this type in one year increased by 251%. Anyway, this was revealed by France Verif, a free platform that detects fraudulent scams on the web. To arrive at this observation, the latter conducted a study between May 2021 and May 2022 on 300,000 French consumers online. “The Internet is full of opportunities, especially in this period of high inflation, but you have to be very vigilant,” said Laurent Amar, co-founder of France Verif.

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From fraud to identity theft

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