E-commerce Food Purchases – Quarterly Measure of E-Commerce Audience in France – Q1 2022

Paris, May 19, 2022

First Quarter 2022

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42.7 million online shoppers in France

According to the Médiamétrie Observatory of Internet Uses, the number of online shoppers in 1Verse Quarter of 2022 up to 42.7 millionwhich is close to 2 million Additional online shoppers in one year.

According to Marc Levier, delegate general of Vivad: “ With the health crisis, consumers are accustomed to buying food products online. Today, in an inflationary context, while 60% Of them consider that their food budget has increased, and they continue to turn to e-commerce sites. It allows both of them to better control their budget 48% them but also for 23% Internet users to connect their car and thus not use their car. Thus we find in the audience rating of 1Verse Quarter 3 supermarket to 6y8y and 9y rank. »

Xavier Lemuet, Ad’hoc and Director of Major Surveys at Médiamétrie adds: “The study shows that mass distribution platforms and general professional players remain the major players in food e-commerce. The former benefited from the confinement effect that led to the explosive development of the drive (34% Internet users), while the latter entices Internet users with attractive prices and fast delivery. Moreover, other types of platforms are being developed, in response to the desire for better, more responsible or faster consumption of express trade platforms. Among them, anti-waste applications, whose online audience has grown strongly in the past four years, are now known by 42%Internet users and uses by 17% who are they. Uses that will certainly continue to advance in an inflationary context affecting household food budgets. »

Médiamétrie, in partnership with Fevad, has asked internet users about their online purchases of food products over the past 12 months. This study analyzes Internet users’ practices in confronting new online food offerings and focuses on home meal delivery and the impact of the inflationary context on online food purchasing practices.

Médiamétrie and Fevad publish the results of a study conducted April 7-15, 2022 among 1,000 Internet users aged 15 and over, on their online purchases of food products over the past 12 months.

Source: Médiamétrie – FEVAD study – Q1 2022

6 out of 10 internet users buy food online

60% of Internet users have purchased nutritional products on the Internet in the last 12 months. While supermarket and hypermarket websites and applications remain at the forefront of services used by Internet users (42%), purely player websites and apps (excluding niche organic platforms) are also attractive 28% who are they.

The trend towards ‘responsible consumption’ can also be seen on the internet.
more than 2 out of 5 internet users know Food waste management websites and applications 17% have already bought products there.

Another emerging phenomenon attesting to the desire to consume responsibly and contribute to the local dynamism, today the websites and applications of short circuit producers and small independent local stores are used respectively by 7% And 3% Internet users.

Finally, almost1 in 4 internet users (24%) Known as fast commerce sites and apps, these are the new digital brands that deliver food delivery for shopping in less than 15 minutes in big cities. in this time, 4% Internet users use it; They are rather urban, masculine, youthful and CSP+.

Focus on home delivery

more than 2 out of 5 internet users (42%) I’ve used online meal delivery services for the past 12 months. more than half of them (55%Use it at least once a month.

This practice is particularly developed among women, aged 15-34, and workers/students in the Paris region. their motives? 31% Fans of home delivery admit their “unwillingness to cook.” But they are 23% To learn about “buying fun”.

Home meal delivery platforms are used on par with restaurant apps and websites, regardless of the type of restaurant (restaurant chains, independent restaurants, dark kitchens*). Actually, 27% of Internet users order via delivery platforms and 28% Directly through restaurant websites and apps.

The effect of the inflationary context on online food purchasing practices

The current context of rising prices is affecting the food consumption habits of the French. 60% of Internet users believe that the total budget for food (in-store or online) has increased.

Moreover, more than half (51%) of online food shoppers reported that the share of their purchases made online has increased.
among them, 48% Explain that it is easier to control your budget online. And 22% You find it easier to use and find coupons and promotions online.

As for online shoppers whose share of online food purchases has decreased (they are 19% to estimate), more than half of them (58%) They say they simply cut their overall food budget.

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Unique visitors per day/month : The total number of individuals who visited a brand at least once during a typical day or month, regardless of where they came in contact: home, work, and other places. Individuals who have visited the same brand multiple times are counted only once.

Coverage : The number of unique visitors to the brand, expressed as a percentage of the French population for the period in question.

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