Eason. Armed with knives, they target lonely women to steal their money

Ivry Court of Justice, Wednesday 19 May 2022. (© Actu Essonne – TB)

Idris*in the legal lute, pierre*, with a blank record, each came out with a knife in his pocket on May 23, 2022, “for an easy ticket” on a “whim”. The starting point for the escalation of violence between Orsay and Boris sur Yvette (Eason). They appeared before the criminal court in Evry Corcoronne on Wednesday 25 May 2022.

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The courtroom is in shock. Captive, silent… chilled. There is something not right. The defendants express themselves in their unsettling simplicity and equanimity, they are subtle, even more than necessary, and expansive, Adding incriminating details, all with Hassan Al-Zahir.

Under the stunned gaze of the court, the young men take turns deconstructing the facts of extreme violence in a calm, calm voice. full speech Terrible inconsistency.

The prosecutor will throw them until:

“What a horrific event, it is horrific cold blooded!”

But before returning to this unbreathable peak, let us first step back…

First attempt at blackmail

On May 23, 2022 AM, Idris and Pierre were in the apartment on the first floor. And to “make an easy ticket” as one of the victims’ lawyers would then proclaim, they decided to go out…each with a kitchen knife in his pocket.

The two assistants take the RER, then hide around the ATM at Orsay, the knives are logically hidden.

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There, a woman in her fifties appears, shooting thirty eurosBefore suddenly surrounded. Pierre is in front of him, behind Idris. The knife pointed at her At the level of the lower abdomen, Pierre Parks said: “Give the money!” »

The woman is screaming for help, her eyes fixed on a shop she knows. Someone comes out. By chance, his attackers disappear into the wild.

Later, Pierre will admit that he preferred targeting lonely woman To a “huge” man slips almost shyly: “If there is resistance, we will have to use a knife …”

Then a burglary…

An hour after the first “violent” extortion attempt, around 1:30 p.m., Idriss and Pierre wandered around the campus of the University of Orsay, in Boris-sur-Yvette. They are waiting for a new opportunityWhen a young student walks down the street alone.

The starting point for an escalation of violence. Pierre sneaks up behind her and surprises her with his knife. He wants money but she doesn’t have it. His bag then?

Only clothes inside.. Idris arrives like a second code and steals his mobile phone He inserted his hand into the inner pocket of his coat.

Problem, you need a code. Sketch, specifically. The second problem is, in a panic situation, the victim is unable to open his laptop, at least not fast enough for Pierre to savor. This warns:

“If I’m wrong again, you’ll take one”

Pierre thinks she is making fun of him, and that she misses her on purpose. So it knocks. The blow drops the girl to the ground. And Pierre continues: “Make the code, otherwise I will lose you! »

Finally, the female student was able to unlock the phone…but her ordeal wasn’t over yet.

The attackers are back in charge

In the leak, Pierre forgot the password. He and his friend decided to go back there. They find their victim, but this time A man in a yellow hoodie intervenes After a few minutes.

“You sexy? I’ll plant you! Idris yells at him before Sharpen it with the waving knife. “But he was running faster than me,” he said during his test.

Another witness, in white, turns up. Idris Hadeer: “If I photograph it, plant it!” As Pierre extracts the password from the phone again, the student strikes again.

To no avail: the two young men ran away again, but this time without the password. Otherwise and quickly, Pierre forgot his knife and feared for the “fingerprints” he might have left…

By going back in time, they will be caught by the police, and more and more witnesses are called.

“Awkward honesty”

After this recall of the facts, accompanied by the almost indifferent affidavits of the defendants, the victim’s lawyer will speak, noting in particular that the latter is absent due to “reactive anxiety” and “traumatic shock” …

Next, the prosecutor will invoke “disturbing honesty,” and “gradation,” and will ask, “What would have happened if the police had not arrived quickly? What would have happened if the yellow-headed witness had not run faster than the defendant?” Unanswered questions necessarily.

After deliberations, the court will finally decide to sentence the two men to 30 months in prison with a referral note, a ban on appearances at Orsay and Bures-sur-Yvette, and a 5-year ban on carrying a gun.

For moral damage, the student receives the amount of 2000 euros (plus 600 euros, in connection with Article 475-1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure), while the woman receives 500 euros.

*Names have been changed.

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