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Next-generation platforms now allow B2B companies to better listen to and understand the collective expectations of their customers. Discover the many benefits of Feedier.

Why is Customer Experience (CX) not enough anymore?

How do you best serve the customer, build loyalty and anticipate their different needs? To meet these challenges, many B2B companies still focus solely on the concept ofcustomer experience (Customer Experience or CX).

Customer experience improvement traditionally consists of Optimize all touch points Between the customer and the product or service: front office technologies (e-commerce website, mobile application, etc.), end-to-end channel strategy, CRM software, marketing actions, etc.

The dangers of this approach are that insufficient attention is paid to the issues surrounding customer relations. However, this does have an impact on her overall experience. Excessive focus on the focal point, rather than the client’s needs, can lead to undesirable effects:

  • Only marketing managers and executives feel responsible for customer experience. It’s not about Not a common priority by all teams.
  • The companies involved tend to have a file Black and white vision The journeys of their end customers, without understanding their motives and expectations. The Voice of the Customer (VoC) remains largely incomprehensible to them.
  • Many professionals still use Annual barometers in siloswhich leads to a fragmented and partial analysis of the customer experience.

“Voice of the customer”: what is it?

The Voice of the Customer, or “Voice of the Customer” (VoC), is a concept that defines the collective aspirations of a company’s customers. Measures the gap between the client’s needs and the experience the company offers.

Experience business: focus on the customer’s voice

new model saysBX“(Business of Experience) is emerging today to fill in the gaps in traditional customer experience strategies Customer centric vision In all aspects of business operations:

  • goals and values.
  • innovation strategy
  • design of products and services;
  • employee experience
  • economic model;
  • Connecting…

This new approach has become of paramount importance after the recent global coronavirus pandemic. The BX model has the particularity of considering new challenges in customer relations:

  • he is Expands customer vision beyond customer experience It aims first to satisfy a human need around a specific goal.
  • Improves customer experience All levels of the companyin order to make it a common priority for all employees.
  • he is Centralizes all data Business intelligence to eliminate booths and silo effects.
  • brings a A clear and accurate global vision for the entire final customer journey.
  • Measures and improves customer experience through a A set of daily routines And not a one-time effort.

The results are felt for all companies that have changed their approach. This includes better listening to customers, higher overall satisfaction, lower rate of change, higher number of customer recommendations and Increased turnover.

The BX approach: What is a performance gain?

According to an Accenture Interactive study, “BX” companies outperform companies that focus solely on customer experience. The growth difference is 6.5 x during the first year.

Centralize all customer feedback with Feedier

the feeder It is an intuitive solution to measure and improve the Business Experience (BX), specifically targeting B2B companies. The platform rests on three main pillars:

  • Centralize all notes. Direct or indirect, regulated or unregulated, all returns sent by your customers can be imported or collected via Feedier. This enables full, multi-channel, and true-to-be listening Customer management voice.
  • Hyper-intuitive analysis of customer data. The accessibility and efficient exploitation of the data assume the previous version of very clear graphical reports. Feedback analysis is no longer the domain of data scientists, it is the domain of every employee within the company.
  • Actionable recommendations. Feedier is directly at the service of your performance. The native integration of several business intelligence tools into the platform enables the enrichment of existing data with feedback data. It is also possible to launch actions at different levels in order to involve all teams in the regular search for dissatisfaction, to improve the end customer experience.

Without a VoC platform that adapts to your needs, many of your customers’ needs may escape you! Do not hesitate to Book a Feedier Show To discover the many advantages of this latest generation of solutions.

The three main points to remember:

  • A classic customer experience improvement strategy often fails to prioritize expectations for your customers.
  • Adopt a customer-centric view of all aspects and operations of your B2B business.
  • Feedier is the reference tool for centralizing and analyzing all of your customers’ feedback.

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