Easy Money – 2010 movie

March 30, 2011


2 h 04 d

Daniel Espinosa

Maria CarlsonAnd
Daniel Espinosa

Joel KinmanAnd
Matthias BadenAnd
Dragomir Mersic

original title
Snapa cash


2.9 632 ratings including 124 reviews

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Children under 12 . prohibited

Black Stockholm where white reigns…
JW is a smart, ambitious and broke business student venturing into the underworld of organized crime.
Jorge, a fugitive drug dealer, is on the run from the Yugoslav police and mafia, but before he sets sail once and for all, he wants to do one last thing: import a large quantity of cocaine.
Murado, a contract killer, is responsible for tracking down Jorge.
On your way to easy money you will have to join forces, betray, defend yourself and kill, but above all, try to survive…

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After the announcement of the remake of the Swedish epic “The Millennium”, the thriller “Easy Money” came to our screens on the 30th …

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“Easy money” is a real descent to hell for the hero. Far from a simple thriller, this film of rare realism is doubly interesting with the progression of the central character JW and the relationship he has with others! We are already closely following how this brilliant student will slowly evolve into a different being, when he meets… his game is improving…

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Konrad 7893

Konrad 7893

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A film that plunges us into Stockholm, dark, far from the postcard cliché. A young student, very talented, by the temptation of earning, will move to the other side. Investing actors.
I was hooked with this first part.
Good Swedish cinema

Thierry M.

Thierry M.

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Yeah. There are more bad things than good in this movie. In this genre we see better, right?

Michael C.

Michael C.

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I left after 20 minutes without understanding a thing

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Literary adaptation

Easy Money is based on the bestselling novel by Swedish writer Jens Lapidus, Easy Money, the first volume of the Black Stockholm trilogy. Lapidus, a famous lawyer above all, participated in the trials of famous criminals. It was in the courts that, through his close observation of the Stockholm underworld, he drew the inspiration needed to write his novels, which are now a world bestseller. Although significantly different from the book, the film version
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organized crime

Easy Money bases its plots on a relatively recent and problematic phenomenon in Sweden: the development of organized crime. Indeed, in recent years the country has suffered from the presence of various gangs or mafia groups. Violence, criminality, arms smuggling or drug trafficking are all increasing difficulties in Sweden. The film offers the viewer a dive with the main character in these environments
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Project start

In 2007, shortly after the release of Janes Lapidus’ novel, producer Fredrik Weckström had the idea to adapt the film for this yet to be successful story. After obtaining the rights, he contacted the director Daniel Espinosa, wanting to depict the project as realistically as possible. The filmmakers also took advantage of the author’s advice while writing
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  • Boris B.

    Excellent movie renewed suspense movie comes from the cold…

  • Michael C 1303

    Excellent, like the trilogy by the way. Breathtaking suspense, plot twists. A very muscular trilogy, somewhat dedicated to the male sex, given some pretty harsh violent scenes.

  • Yankee 212

    Very good movie. I recommend it!

  • Zvok 083

    A good surprise that this movie is really successful, it is captivating from start to finish with very good actors. 3.5 / 5

  • DarkgothBTZ

    Good movie overall, but too long. The ending is long and sloppy. 3/5

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