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time bombs

Firefighters try to put out a fire that broke out at a storage facility for more than 50,000 containers in Sitaconda, about 40 kilometers from the port of Chittagong in southeastern Bangladesh, on June 5. An interim report said nearly 50 people were killed and 300 injured. As in Beirut, dangerous chemicals were stored there, in defiance of safety rules.

The New Arm Wrestling Over Glyphosate

The Court of Appeal in Toulouse sentenced 21 volunteer mowers from Areej to a suspended fine of 300 euros each for anti-glyphosate measures in 2016 and 2017. These activists covered pesticide cans in garden centers with paint, to make them unsellable. The legal proceedings took five years because the Foua Correctional Court released everyone in the first instance, but the prosecution appealed the ruling. The Court of Appeal’s less lenient decision comes as the re-licensing of glyphosate in the European Union takes center stage. Its license expires at the end of 2022, drops the first decisions. An evaluation by the European Chemicals Agency concluded that the herbicide is neither carcinogenic, nor mutagenic, nor toxic to reproduction. The European Food Safety Authority decision is still missing, but it should not be published before 2023.

Kazakhstan: Nazarbayev, Changing the Times

Unusual for an authoritarian regime: Sunday, June 5, residents called for a third of the constitution to be reformed by referendum. The main goal: to dismantle Nazarbayev’s oligarchic grip on the power and wealth of the country. The dictator had “resigned” in 2019 after twenty-nine years in power, while making sure to bomb himself with “the head of the nation” (Elbasi), a title that includes judicial immunity and a life-long position in a security council that oversees the presidency. Where he had appointed Kasim-Jomart Tokayev, a respected man, is already no longer one: he is in charge, and his consultancy has won almost 80% approval, exploiting the cauldron of popularity that led to the riots last January. which may have been moved by the Nazarbayev clan to destabilize Tokayev, who was threatening his privileges. An amendment passed on Sunday also bars relatives of a leader from holding key government positions. But there is no hasty conclusion about the democratization of the system: the reform, which does not affect the institutions, can be summed up in the palace battle aimed at strengthening Tokayev’s position.

Died in general indifference

On average, a person in custody dies every two days. Les Mort e s de la mass prison is organizing, on June 8, for the 14th consecutive year, in honor of those who died in the greatest silence. For 2021 the situation is violent:
La Cimade has recorded nearly 250 deaths in prison, 50% of which were suicides. Figures inseparable from the conditions of detention, confirmed by the association: “the great overcrowding in remand centers (137%), the often unworthy material conditions, the unemployment he suffered, people who could remain locked up 22 24 hours in the cell, Relational and emotional isolation.

Repression in the field of neo-Nazis

One week, five arrests. On Tuesday, May 31, four people, known to belong to the domain of neo-Nazis, were detained in the Haut-Rhin region, after an “administrative visit” related to the Anti-Terror Prosecutor’s Office. During this visit, 200 gendarmes obtained 41 weapons, 167 magazines, including 72 Kalashnikovs, 35 kilograms of gunpowder, three presses of ammunition and a silencer. Two suspects were imprisoned while the other two were placed under judicial supervision. On the same day, in Ardeche, another neo-Nazi, suspected of planning a gun massacre, was also arrested. His nickname on encrypted messages: “HeinrichHimmler88”. He detailed his potential targets in videos: “Jews, Africans, homosexuals, and women.” It was directed to Angel B. He was charged with an “individual terrorist act” and returned to pretrial detention.

ko2 A 4 million year old record

Carbon dioxide concentration (CO2) in Earth’s atmosphere, in May 2022, reached a level not seen in nearly 4 million years, according to the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Monitoring Agency. It is said that the proportion of this gas exceeded 420 parts per million last month. Meanwhile in 2021, it was 419 parts per million, compared to 417 parts per million in 2020. These levels of carbon dioxide2 Almost 50% higher than in the pre-industrial era.

feverish humanitarian aid

The effects of global warming are placing increasing pressures on the human system. According to a recent study by Oxfam, funding needs, which are eight times more than they were twenty years ago, have only been funded at a rate of 54% over the past five years. The NGO calls for the creation of a “fair and spontaneous support mechanism based on the principle that those who have contributed most to the climate crisis pay the price for the damage done to the countries least responsible and most affected.”

Anti-debate front

Elizabeth Bourne and Marine Le Pen have in common their unwillingness to argue. Both candidates refused to appear on France 3, the prime minister claimed there was a problem with the agenda, the RN codename ruled there was no problem, and he was re-elected in the Hénin-Beaumont constituency. “When you’re an outsider, you yell at Emmanuel Macron, but you do the same,” yells ecologist Marin Tondelier (Nobis).

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