EcoRéseau Business – Quickly Understood June 8

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apple Launching the “Buy Now – Pay Later” service In addition to the new features of iOS 16, on Monday, June 6, Apple announced its entry into the market for installment payment solutions. the service Apple Pay Later It will give Apple Pay users a way to post a payment over six weeks without any fees or interest. A new variant of the American juggernaut that is embarking on a sector that has already been well exploited by other companies such as PayPal or Affirm, Amazon’s partner. Grand View Research of the United States estimated the buy now, pay later market to be worth $5 billion in 2021 and will reach $40 billion by 2030.

The Minister of Agriculture helps producers affected by bad weather In the wake of the cold catastrophe on Sunday, June 5, Agriculture Minister Mark Vesnu on Monday announced measures to help farmers. During his visit to eastern Bordeaux, the Minister promised that “we will work very quickly to activate the devices we know, such as the reduction of social fees, the tax exemption on undeveloped lands. On the preventive side, the Minister emphasized that he is working on “regulations that make it possible to reduce the effects of storm phenomena in the face of change The climate that results in more regular and powerful events.”

Investing €25 billion in solidarity savings in 202125 billion euros Invested in Solidarity Savings in 2021 • 5.1 billion euros more. Solidarity savings reached a new record, according to a study conducted by the newspaper Cross and the FAIR Association. Featured investment: employee savings, with assets of 14.1 billion euros. He explains this growth “bullish stock markets,” according to the FAIR chief, but not only: he also quotes Pacte’s law that requires life insurance contracts to contain at least one unit of solidarity account. The money raised contributes to projects such as social reintegration or sustainable development. In 2021, 1,350 projects were supported for approximately 700 million euros.

Auction for the first edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at Christie’s • Christie’s is set to sell the first hard copy of the book in 1997 Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone. Among the errors of this first edition, the word “philosophize” Misspelling the back cover and the term ” Stick “ It repeats on page 53. In total, 500 copies were printed but ended up selling only 200. In December 2021 in Texas, another copy of the same edition was sold for about 420 thousand euros. This time, bids will start at just over €230 thousand. It’s expensive stuff…

Victor Bilak, one of the youngest parliamentary candidates He is twenty years old and already wants to be an MP. Victor Bilak introduces himself in 9e Yvelines constituency as a candidate for the Nupes (New People’s Ecological and Social Union). The young man, a third-year philosophy student at the Sorbonne and a spokesman for the Environmental Revolution Party, said he was “as interested in the purchasing power of working-class neighborhood dwellers as in the problems associated with the countryside with a bankrupt agricultural system”. And as a reminder, the youngest female MP in history is called … Marion Marechal, elected at 22 years, 6 months and 7 days old!

FR-Alert New system in case of danger • finally ! France is equipping itself with an alert system for the entire population. The FR-Alert is under trial shortly before its national deployment. The Ministry of Interior will now be able to send you an alert notification in the event of a major incident happening around you. FR-Alert combines two technologies: cellular broadcast, which sends a lighter message than SMS Across 4G, geo-referenced SMS to phones without an internet connection. Mandatory in the European Union by June 21, notification will have sound and vibration, even in silent mode.

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