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From a company with almost no real sales strategy, Sheryl Sandberg has formed one of the most profitable businesses on the planet.

She is the most powerful woman in Silicon Valley. For this reason alone, they are one of the most powerful companies in the world. Sheryl Sandberg, Meta Number Two (formerly Facebook), announced on the first day of June her departure from the global digital giant, owner of Facebook and pioneer of the metaverse. Mark Zuckerberg’s trusted wife, her resignation is like a symbol of the exciting transformation the group will now attempt… from one dimension to another.

Finally the holidays! Asia, Europe… Solo world tour. the foot! In 2008, four years after founding Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg gave himself his first vacation as a giant in technology. Although there isn’t a whole lot to take lightly, the 24-year-old billionaire from California went on an adventure with a laid-back head. Its blue and white gem, still new and semi-revolutionary at the time, was closely guarded. In Palo Alto, the legendary headquarters of the social network, Sheryl Sandberg, Faithful Number TwoWatching the grain. Stakhanovist, a defector from Google, had just arrived at the company as COO. Zuckerberg, a man who wasn’t too quick to delegate, easily gave his full trust to this woman over ten years his senior.

destructive tandem

Between these two, but opposing minds, the current passed very quickly. To the little genius in digital and computer issues. Sheryl Sandberg, a former Google Vice President, will take care of “business” matters. Communication, advertising, and the law … very useful for Mark Zuckerberg who quickly got lost when researching his algorithms. ” Cheryl ‘Because in this world everyone is called by their first name, it’s also the primary successor to Wall Street and Washington. Useful connections. So Sandberg didn’t have that for long: Facebook made the ad cash machine the company has become. The famous Machiavellian rule: “It is free: you are the product.” »

What made Facebook one of the most successful companies in the world

Too bad for the vision, a bit perfect, which was once a go-to for tool designers. Halfway between surfer and geek, Facebook’s early developers dreamed of making it a place open to everyone, a tool to connect humans to one another, a platform where capital values, while present, won’t always win the piece. With Sheryl Sandberg, everything changed: Facebook turned into an all-encompassing consumerism from which it never left. But the machine is fully functional. If Facebook reaches $500 million, it is now 117 billion. The group has also grown from 500 to 77,000 employees. And for users, again, it’s a journey from one dimension to another. From 100 million daily visitors, we’ve reached 3 billion, or more than a third of the Earth’s population. Just that.

Customize the caller from a company

From a company with almost no real sales strategy, Sheryl Sandberg has formed one of the most profitable businesses on the planet. All at the risk of shortness of breath and even fatigue. The company’s image deteriorated from year to year. The involvement of the Facebook giant, such as timesFor interference in elections in the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries; in ethnic cleansing in Burma; in a terrorist issue in New Zealand; disinformation campaigns during the pandemic crisis and insurgency on Capitol Hill in Washington. proven track record. Do toxic algorithms, by encouraging them to get saturated with overly aggressive trading methods, end up getting tired? Western users, younger in the lead, give up and drop out. Facebook, the main character, can become the ball and chain of the group. Instagram, WhatsApp and the activities of the metaverse – the brands also owned by the Meta Group – exemplify an even more remarkable future.


Struggling with what Wall Street Magazine Describing Sheryl Sandberg as “real fatigue,” she announced her departure entirely voluntarily. Even if Zuckerberg, no doubt, would mourn her with only one eye. Over time, the old duets got a little angry.

Sheryl Sandberg tends to come across as a Facebook personality lost in the Meta universe. In short, it belongs more to the past than to the company’s future, which is never a good sign, especially in the digital realm where everything can quickly wither. Thus, it was not really related to the group’s “metaverse” transformation, the transformation of F from Facebook to M from Meta. subordinate Javam to me gamma…a revolution that will take place without it, starting in the fall, when the palm trees of Palo Alto leave forever. “The end of an era,” as Mark Zuckerberg himself admits.

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