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May 17: Arrival of Leon and Paul

Kemal Polheid, president of Mulhouse at BK Group, gets up early, even on Sundays. At breakfast time, he revealed, on his Facebook account, the names of the brands that will see the light of day at the end of the year at the Kaligone entrance in Kingersheim, on the group’s former Fly site.

We don’t change the winning teams and the group will represent everything their group markets elsewhere: Lyons (mussels and fries), Paul (bread and cake), Au’s office (beer and burgers), Starbucks on Drive (US fashion coffee) and Kit Fifth of them saves the entire Polheid scoop. “A unique new concept we can’t wait to introduce to you,” which could bear, this time, the woman’s first name, unpublished in Grand Est.

Employment chocolate cake crowning: ‘More than 150 jobs’ at stake. To drink, eat and dispose: All you have to do is plan for the end of the year.

Karen Freelin

May 18: Diesel at € 1.08 … for a few minutes

On the morning of this Tuesday, May 17, a service station user at the Super U supermarket in Bronstadt-Didenheim was surprised to have paid much less than expected.
Imagine: a diesel at 1.08 euros per liter, instead of 1.80 euros. hallucination? time travel? The last time the price of diesel fell to around 1 euro was in 2016.
Actually, none of that, but just employee crap. Mathematical dyslexia which is a complete portfolio found alleviated.
Little financial happiness was short-lived. Barely enough time for a full tank or two, we were told. Faced with the inappropriate amount to be paid, the first lucky customer immediately reported the accident. The numbers were quickly put back in place, courting record rates a few weeks earlier.


Andrei Tarkovsky died in 1986. D

May 19: Tarkovsky, a collateral victim

There will be no festival dedicated to director Andrei Tarkovsky this week at Cinema Palace and Theater Seine in Mulhouse. We announced it at the beginning of the year (our release on January 11) but the 185th Association, dedicated to promoting Russian culture and Franco-Russian friendship, preferred to postpone it … to April 2023. J The director’s son, also called Andre and lives in Italy, preferred to draw a line for this year . We do not know what the son’s position was on the war in Ukraine and on the policy of Vladimir Putin, but what we are sure of is that Andrei Tarkovsky, Sr., died in 1986: so we can not doubt in the slightest knowledge of the current master of the Kremlin. The director of Ivan’s Childhood, Andrei Rublev and Sacrifice, among other masterpieces, is undoubtedly Russian. But should the murderous politics of a regime obliterate the culture of an entire people? Like all great directors, Andrei Tarkovsky is above all a world artist. So let’s hope this festival is just a postponement. And that with the restoration of peace will happen next year.


Photo L'Alsace/Vincent VOEGTLIN

May 20: Update, announcement of the (temporary) closure…

This time, the block appears to have been thrown out. Nothing official yet but information should be provided after the board meeting on Wednesday, May 25th. The Textile Printing Museum in Mulhouse will not escape closure. It will likely take place after the European Heritage Days – which this year will take place on September 17-18. Four years after the looting of the groups, the director’s death, the disastrous management of this place exposed for years, there is no lasting solution, no real project has emerged. How did we get here? President Aziza Grill Marriott, who represents UHA, which has operated the home on a volunteer basis since July 2019, has been given a university professor position in Aix-en-Provence, so The Miz and Mulhouse will be leaving this summer. A new form of governance must be developed. The closure is advertised as temporary, but the temporary at times unfortunately tends to continue. What will we do at this time? Which museum of the future? How to discover the rare pearl (paid!) Who will know how to revive and revitalize the place?
Before that, geeks connected to their city’s textile heritage would spend the whole summer visiting (one last?) …

Helen Boyesat

May 21: With flowers …

A small positive message, but with reservations, from Françoise, a resident of Mulhouse: “Big congratulations to the town farmers who, on sunny days, decorated the roundabouts and promenades, with wonderful beds of spring flowers! But what about the roundabout at the upper entrance to the zoo? Is it over?” Personally, I find it sad! What do these types of trees represent? The roots? Was it really necessary to change it? On the other hand, it would be very nice to restore the Belvedere, the heritage of Mulhouse, at last! The opening is planned for the spring…”
Pascal, carefully read our file, in two stages, on the bike at Mulhouse. He is “outraged by the constant and repeated prosecution against motorists. Cyclists annoy me to the max, yet God knows I ride the bike myself. But I start respecting everyone’s place. Which means that when I’m on my bike, I start using the bike paths!”
“Before demanding more bike paths, let these people (target cyclists) actually start using the existing paths and let them be fined when they keep driving away… motorists!”
In Mulhouse, spontaneous peace is still elusive …

May 22: It was mask time in Solia…

At the beginning of this week, the mandatory wearing of masks on public transport was lifted. Tom, 11, must have been happy. His father tells Jill how, before the measure was lifted, his son developed a fever upon returning from school because he had just been fined for not wearing a mask during the flight. We are not against the violation we have established, we have already settled it. 135 euros, which is enough to completely scare the boy.
His father, he was not dismantled: “I called the litigation department of Soléa and came to their headquarters” in order to understand why the controllers “did not show a little pedagogy in their manner of pronunciation. I was unpleasantly greeted … ”Then he inquired of a legal service and a lawyer: “A minor under the age of 13 cannot be fined in his name! The agent has signed in place of my son on the report and my surname is misspelled…”
Generation quarrel. But he paid the fine. Since September 30, 2021 and the implementation of the Criminal Justice Law for Minors, “a minor under the age of 13 is presumed to be unable to discriminate”, not being imposed a traditional fine but “educational measures may be declared in his view”. Tom was assuring his father that “Bringing up, I explained to him that he is responsible after all and that the mistake leads to penalties, and therefore this fine must be paid.” But Jill still expects Soléa for “more reasonable and humane answers for his way of speaking”.

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