Elizabeth II Jubilee or Platinum Works of Derivatives

Royal cups, spoons and other items bearing the image of the royal family are traditionally popular and will be sold like hot cakes at this historic event.

Magnets, cups, coins, spoons, plates, tea cans, pens, pictures, bags …, products bearing the image of the royal family and especially Queen Elizabeth II is a well-established tradition in Great Britain. A very profitable business.

But with the Platinum Jubilee being staged to celebrate 70 years of the King’s indestructible rule, these actions take on another dimension. Specialty stores in London and across the country stock these souvenirs where sales are set to be exceptional.

The Jubilee is a major event across the Canal, for the British but also for the tens of thousands of foreign tourists who have come to London for the event. In all, 12 million people are expected on Thursday in the kingdom’s capital.

240 million euros turnover for the previous jubilee

So there is clearly something to suit all tastes and all budgets. From a few euros for a key ring to several hundred euros for crockery decorated with platinum, from dog clothes to porcelain bells, from special beer to cans of biscuits …: professionals beat the references. Most are mass-produced in China, others are in limited chains (especially porcelain) and can become collectors.

Things that look like a queen in a souvenir shop
Objects bearing the image of the Queen in a souvenir shop © DR

It must be said that the stakes are high: for all souvenir stores, the jubilee can account for 20-30% of their annual turnover.

The previous jubilee allows us to get an idea of ​​this business: in 2012 for the 60-year reign of Elizabeth II (the Diamond Jubilee), these derivative products generated a turnover of 240 million euros, of which 145 million euros were in London alone according to the Center for Retail Research.

The Retail Research Center estimates that Britons will spend more than $356 million this year. If these numbers are confirmed this year (could be boosted by online sales), it would represent a breath of fresh air for the British economy, whose consumption is currently declining due to accelerating inflation.

Traditionally, this market for royal things already brings in 20 million euros annually. And you should know that the royal family does not receive any income associated with these sales.

Network of shops and royal merchant website

On the other hand, Windsors has a network of stores (Halcyon Days) that sell products made by British artisans associated with the Crown, especially fine porcelain tableware from Stoke on Trent. The best and finest in the country.

So don’t expect to see things made in China for a few euros at this proprietary brand. Rather, teapots at 410 euros or plates at 170 euros .. high prices make it possible to preserve this local skill.

Example of a porcelain plate sold at Halcyon Days
Example of a porcelain plate sold at Halcyon Days © Halcyon Days

The Royal House also launched its online store. Here again, there are no comic items but high-quality ones: porcelain, jewelry, champagne … but also biscuits for small budgets. As of this writing, sales are “on hold due to unprecedented demand.” Sales whose sales are jealously kept secret…

Request the merchant's website from the paralyzed royal house
The Royal House’s merchant website is paralyzed by “unprecedented” demand © BFM Business
Porcelain corgi marking the Queen's Jubilee.
Porcelain corgi marking the Queen’s Jubilee. © Screenshot – Conservatives

If this memorial business is based mainly on specialty stores, there are dozens of them in London alone (but these are ubiquitous in the UK), some major brands have decided to try browsing the event.

Brands want their piece of cake

Thus, Swatch has launched a limited series of its Gent watch, which has been certified for the occasion how majestic. You can see a representation of the Queen accompanied by the famous Corgi. It is sold for 100 euros.

Swatch watch with the image of the queen
Swatch watch with doll representing the Queen © Swatch

For its part, Mattel unveiled a Barbie doll featuring a Queen Doll in order to “honor Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history (…). Since her coronation in 1953, she has led a life of public service with duty and humanitarian effort, thus uniting The nation celebrates, thinks and the spirit of the community.” Its price: 88 euros.

Elizabeth II Barbie
Elizabeth II Barbie © Mattel

If Elizabeth II becomes a brand, and if the range of products offered is wide, then nothing can also be done. Limits have been set, so it is impossible (in theory but different in practice) to sell towels, tea towels and other aprons bearing the image of the King. Unimaginable distortion of the Queen’s face! On the other hand, there is the royal dishwashing liquid at the price of 18 euros …

Oliver Schechbortich BFM Business Journalist

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