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Best CSE Platforms for Employee Benefits

Essentially, the Social and Economic Commission, often abbreviated to the old acronym “CE” but officially CSE, is allied with a corporation with at least eleven employees and in the public interest of the corporation and its collaborators. Between hygiene instructions, work methods and safety improvement, a commission can intervene in many things that govern and sustain business life.

However, the CSE has other roles and becomes a facilitating factor for the company’s employees. It is quite logical that the commission should be praised by the employees because of the benefits it can confer depending on the quality of the commission and the items put in place, notably to improve well-being in the workplace but also outside.

With the full expansion of the concept of quality of life at work and also around the fact that access to culture or entertainment can be increasingly complex, many CSEs are placing benefits for employees outside the workplace.

To do this, platforms, such as Club Employés, support CSE and allow them to implement solutions for their employees. How can the platform be recognized so that CSE can improve employee benefits and make them happy employees of the company in question?

Why go through a platform to negotiate your CSE employee benefits?

For a company, having a Social and Economic Committee becomes mandatory when there are at least 11 employees during twelve consecutive months. Being SMEs at this point, the entities do not always have the most ancillary budget for this, and the collaborators have only focused on holding the committee’s board of directors. This is sometimes the case in much larger companies, but regardless of the number of employees, This data always highlights the need to help negotiate the best employee benefits.

By approaching a specialized platform, CSE ensures that its employees benefit from the best, especially outside of their professional activity. Premium rates cannot be negotiated and accessed as well as a platform that, usually through several nationwide partnerships, offers a more detailed list of activities and benefits.

Today, the platform can only offer a number of substantial advantages that have been negotiated with various entities specializing in entertainment, sports or culture. It is clear that a custom search engine, whatever its size, approaches the platform to take advantage of many benefits that are negotiated, constantly updated and always tailored to the quality of life of employees.

Concretely, a custom search engine will always save time, the platform will make sure that the needs and requests of employees are met, and the latter will benefit as much as possible from the advantages that are created between the platform, partner companies and the socio-economic committee of the employer.

Organizing and managing events such as Christmas trees for children of company employees, and creating special gift vouchers or benefits throughout the year, is often a huge choice for employees whose company’s custom search engine has chosen to go through the platform. For the best of it, it is also common to take advantage of gifts and other aids in the event of a happy event such as a wedding or a birth: certainly an ally to the happiness of an employee.

Facilitate management through many advantages

For an employee of a company with a special search engine, the management of the latter can be easily discovered between complete independence or the help of a platform designed to facilitate access to special offers. During family or friendly discussions, it is often very easy to compare known benefits among employees and in general, it is easy to understand which company is using or not using a purpose-built platform.

Benefits come in many forms. First, with unique access to the catalog of products and services at reduced costs, when presenting a corporate card or by going to the Business Council to create a promotional code on a commercial website, at the time of purchasing a movie ticket, book a show or even pay the membership fee for a sports federation.

It is evident that the purchasing power of the employees is improving as well as their quality of life and their happiness in belonging to the company. Concretely, all parties benefit from this cooperation, From the head of the company to the employee.

Even better, the platform, thanks to its partnership with travel organizations, can negotiate exceptional rates for stays on the other side of the world or in France. Prices are negotiated at wholesale rates and CSE can pass them on to their employees at unbeatable rates, including last minute found rates, as is now common practice on the web.

The platform should also be able to support you differently

We told you this at the beginning of the article, but concretely, CSE is not set up to offer promotions for out-of-hours entertainment only. It is well known for this but above all works to protect the interests of employees without changing the sustainability of the company.

In a small business, the hours devoted to administering a CSE may be less than elsewhere, but questions and needs remain the most likely. That’s why the great CSE platform will not only provide access to prices and discounts in the world of entertainment, but also provide legal and administrative assistance. To support the commissions well and adequately, this assistance, which is rarely given, is just as important as negotiating special rates throughout the year.

Legal questions, legal obligations, internal communications or even training? The quality platform will always be multitasking and will systematically support the concerned service in the best possible way.

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