Eric Le Pen: “We will not put money on players”

While this evening’s scheduled reception for the Slates has been pushed back to Friday, May 20 (9 p.m.) at the request of visitors, the Onet boss himself this week predicted next season at National 3 after his family confirmed Saturday’s ascent to the Lourdes. maintenance.

Cool, do you realize what happened last Saturday at Lourdes (2-3 success and climbing athlete)?

The season ran from September to mid-May with the results that followed, and the beautiful game was published and put into place Yoan (Buscus, coach). N3? We perceive without realizing much, because we are working on it. We attacked the preparation just in case. We had plan A and plan B.

This earned climb, three days after the finish, gives us a head start?

Yes, this time it gives us a point of view, and allows us not to be in a hurry. We talk, we work.

How much was the budget for this season and will it be increased?

It is the club’s general budget of about 160 thousand euros. For N3, we’ll still be Aveyron’s club in N3. If I understand correctly, there is a small allocation from FFF but the budget wouldn’t double as we went upstairs.

So you have no idea what the next budget should be?

Normally the travel costs hardly change because we will always be in an Occitanie chicken. Going to a lord or gard wouldn’t change much. We’re not going to put money on players, and we never will. The club will continue to operate in the same manner. This will be the general budget of the association.

Does that mean there is no fixed salary like this season?

There are only match bonuses. It’s the club’s DNA, no player touches static and we won’t.

Can’t imagine the emergence of federal contracts, for example? Won’t there be a salary line in the next budget?

no. If a line appears from the payroll, it will be to pay for our teacher training. We are not going to bring in players from abroad… However, resumes and calls come in every day. It was there before, but now… I ask them what study they do, what training they have or in what field they can work (Laughter) …

Will training and organization be improved?

We’ve been on different projects even without editing. In particular, create training at flexible times in conjunction with schools. This will be an added advantage that will allow us to train our guys better but in no way do we want to compete with Rudez. We will have to develop R3 as well, the goal is to develop all the components of the club and without putting pressure on anyone.

There will be five runs in N3 next season if the hotfix is ​​validated. Could this force a massive recruitment of players?

This is the yuan part. I have complete confidence in what he will do. It tells me everything, that’s the feature. We work together for ten years. We discuss everything, it’s a big plus.

However, many names will have to come back insistently.

I will not give any names personally. Yoan didn’t mention any names, which could roll… It’s too early, the season isn’t over.

So will you have to recruit locally?

That’s the rule, we’re at Aveyron. There are good players, Yuan will target his needs, and we’ll talk about that. The situation meant that players might have had to call him in. This is an advantage this month in advance of this work. But, really, let’s keep everyone else.

Could some be the envy?

Like every season, Yoan will do one-on-one meetings. After that, I don’t see who can leave, but we won’t be safe from surprise.

And the coach?

I saw an interview on one of the websites in which he answered: Call the boss We’ve been teachers together in our 15s for over ten years now. We tell each other things. We trust each other. There is more than a boss-coach relationship.

Can you tell us that 100% Yuan Buscus will be the coach next season?

(he cuts) yes. Unless he leaves at L1 or L2.

Even if Club National 2 comes to lure him in the next few days?

Yuan created what happened and worked. After winning with the youngsters, he had some tough years in R1. During the virus, he worked a lot on another method of training, playing, and mental preparation. Players joined and put everything in its place. It is his ascent.

As for the problem of the Court of Honor and the difficulty of its lawn that has not allowed you to play a large part of the season, where are we?

Town Hall does a lot to make things better. Even if I wasn’t technical on the court, I think it would take some tweaks. Unfortunately. If there are defects, there is a ten-year warranty, and the city council will work to overturn those who did. We’ll play the last two games there. Just like next season. We’re contemplating the idea of ​​playing on Sundays at 3pm during the winter season. It can make it easier to train and maybe we can attract more people as well.

The fluffy playmat was a drawback for you this year in light of the game that was published. But can’t it become next season’s advantage against the big cars of N3?

Yuan will have his own way of playing with the team. I don’t think it will turn around like that.

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