Eric Zemmour and the untraceable “big groups” that deserted Saint-Denis

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Denouncing the attacks on Real Madrid and Liverpool fans around the Stade de France on the sidelines of the Champions League final, Eric Zemmour said many of the major companies that chose to set up in Saint-Denis, left due to insecurity. Unless supported by any local representative. Examples are invited, Entourage of the Reconquête Chief! He points to old newspaper articles about the difficulties of two large companies … still in Saint-Denis.

The complete chaos of the organization of the UEFA Champions League final, on May 28 at the Stade de France, sparked a chain of political reactions that implicated, Bill Mill, English fans (on the part of the French government), the government, event organizers, the police and the delinquents of Ile-de-France that raged around the enclosure sports.

On this last point, according to Paris Police Director Didier Lallmann, “300 to 400 young men from the sensitive areas of Seine-Saint-Denis” You have “I also tried to force the device” Police around the stadium. “There were moments of delinquency, they were real, I don’t want to deny it. There were a lot of arrests, almost a hundred”For his part, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced on May 30 at TF1.

Intrusions into the Stade de France during the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool on May 28, 2022 (AFP/Maryam Hammouchi)

Of the 48 people who were detained, six men were returned to the Bobigny Criminal Court. On Tuesday, May 31, three of them were immediately tried for robberies at the expense of their supporters. They were given prison sentences ranging from six months suspended to ten months.

“The Stade de France has become a somewhat elevated place for thugs from all over Ile-de-France to gather”San Denis Mayor Matthew Hanutin told the press.

On this aberration, the head of the far-right Recovery Party, Eric Zemmour, focused his arrows. “It was enough to see thirty seconds of pictures of the so-called English supporters to see that they were neither Englishmen nor supporters, and on the other hand, they were suburban, thieves, thieves and Tutti Quante”He said Monday, May 30 in Europe 1.

For the former presidential candidate (7.07% of the votes cast), “Seine-Saint-Denis is not France for long” And public order is maintained there “Not by the French police but by gangs of thugs.”

Eric Zemmour adds: “We saw very well when, a few years ago, companies and the state wanted to set up, around the Stade de France and moreover – it was designed for the Stade de France, to move, the main offices leave Paris to go to Seine-Saint-Denis What happened? And why? There were already installations for groups Big, etc. We brought in the staff. But what happened? The staff was blackmailed and robbed in the RER at the exit of metro line 13, because it is the 13th line that goes to Saint-Denis. This is what happened. Many companies have left Saint-Denis and Seine-Saint-Denis Precisely because it was impossible.”

Fleeing companies fleeing Seine-Saint-Denis? “It’s quite the opposite.”confirms to AFP Bastien Brunis, president of the Medef of Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne.

“We don’t have data showing that companies are leaving Seine-Saint-Denis because of insecurity. We have a lot of data to say there is no longer room for companies. We have land issues.”Contact this employer official.

“If we take the Stade de France, it is true that there were problems twenty years ago when the companies arrived. But we cannot say that the situation is the same today. (…) We don’t paint everything pink. But these claims are just wrong.Mr. Brunes insists.

Senator (Union Centriste) Vincent Capo Canelas made the same observation: “There were real security problems in the beginning but they have largely been resolved since then. If we must not deny that insecurity is a theme here, as it is everywhere, Eric Zemmour has made it a business” And the “He allegedly systematically outlaws all evil in Seine-Saint-Denis and its inhabitants.”

Have large companies left Saint-Denis due to insecurity? “Not to our knowledge”The delegation accompanying Mayor Matthew Hanutten responded to a question by AFP.

“We have significantly increased our staffing and budget for the municipal police. We have done real work on the ground to go regularly into these sectors, especially to break up the crowds.” “The task is not to support companies specifically, but above all to try to solve the problems of insecurity in the city, both for the people who work in the sector, but also for the residents”details Julia Paul Zamore, a collaborator with the elected Socialist Mayor in 2020.

AFP asked the entourage of the President of Reconquest! For examples of large companies that left Seine-Saint-Denis due to insecurity. The latter, in turn, sent links to two articles, one from Figaro dating back to 2011, and one from Nouvel Obs dating back to 2016.

The first article relates to Orange Business Service, a subsidiary of the corporate operator, and cases They steal at the door, pickpockets are there (collaborators) Cross the lane to join the RER D or line 13 of the metro, broken car windows in parking lots”, After a year of being there. The second article deals in particular with the case of SNCF, which moved its headquarters from Montparnasse to Saint-Denis in 2013.

Two companies, however, have not left the sector.

SNCF headquarters, in Saint-Denis, photographed in 2013 (AFP/BERTRAD GUAY)

“Orange Business Service is still in Saint-Denis and there are no plans to relocate yet”explains to AFP, a spokesperson for the Orange Group.

“We had these problems in the beginning, also because we were among the first to settle there. But now, all of that has evolved. There is no longer a security issue. Also the reason is in the meantime, there are a lot of other big groups who have settled there, and the communities have worked a lot on This subject “she completes.

When asked, the press service of SNCF evokes a “unsubject”and no plans to leave Saint-Denis.

In recent years, a large company has left the Stade de France sector, four years after its arrival: SFR. The telephone operator was bought by Altice, the group headed by Patrick Drahi, which brought together its various entities within a complex located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris: SFR, therefore, but also, for example, the media L’ Express and Liberation, formerly based in the center of the capital.

On Thursday, June 2, Eric Zemmour somewhat returned to the topic, but without repeating this assertion of his departure from the companies: he tweeted a visual provided as an internal document of the Veepee Group, based in Saint-Denis, Safety implications of adoption to “Day Trips”: Put your phone away, favor group travel, keep your handbag in front of you on public transport, etc.

“Vente Privée warns its customers and 93 employees: Be careful, you are entering an uncivilized territory…”Comments Head Reconquest!.

Before Eric Zeymour by Eric Zeymour This help document from the Online Sales Group, which includes several buildings, including its head office, in Saint-Denis, was mentioned by the President of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella, on May 31 in France Inter.

Asked by AFP, the Veepee group did not respond.

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