Eurobazon, a new French market, responsible and environmentally supportive, coming in June

05/30/2022 | Xavier Mahieu, President of Europazon surrounded by his team.

The first solidary and environmentally responsible platform, Europazon, which will open in June, will offer more than one million products from France and dozens of European countries. It is more than a simple marketplace, it aims to be a tool to consume ethically and at the best price. A new concept where people are also central to a company committed to them and to the planet.

Some would say it’s a slightly crazy idea – which sprang up nearly two years ago in the mind of an entrepreneur from Médoc. That French market, an online sales business that offers a wide range of products from France but also from Europe and is able to compete with major sites like Amazon, Alibaba or Rakuten. The big internet heavyweights that virtually monopolize the market today.

This dream, born during confinement, Xavier Mahieu is in the process of realizing. Through, a platform that he created with a group of friends, the young entrepreneur – who still benefits from decades of experience in e-commerce – intends above all to offer a new approach to this sector based exclusively on profit so far, at the expense of any Another value.

Europazon, a company united with determination with a vision of “social, humane and committed”

This principle applies from the start. The company initially awarded with a capital of 100,000 euros, formed thanks to the contributions of a few relatives and stakeholders in the community, Europazon – which wants to give itself the means of its ambitions – is finally aiming for 10 million euros. But there is no doubt that Xavier Mahieu, to appeal to financiers. “We had, from the start, the desire that the company should not be owned by one person but rather be a group and we will continue on this path”He also refuses to bring investment funds or list them on the stock exchange. A paragraph is often considered necessary for a company of this size.

solved? Open capital to as many shareholders as possible. To this end, the fundraising process is already underway and will begin in September. “We will make opening tranches of 10% of the capital with a fixed stake at €1,000. In the end, 90% of the capital must be owned by the shareholders.. Moreover, investors have been recruited in all European countries in which Europazon plans to establish. Thus the ten countries in ” Open “. The company is in the process of analyzing the best to start the process. In the end, we are supposed to be present almost all over Europe. We’ll start with the top ten: Spain, Italy, Germany, the Nordic countries…”, he explains. his goal? Publicly avoid the excesses of a purely speculative financial system. “We aim for a corporate system where all those who have invested in capital can participate in the life of the company. Participatory fundraising ».

A new approach to compensation

As for the dividend, it is simple: one third will be used to further the development of the company, another third will be allocated to shareholders, and the last third will allow the creation of a joint aid fund to help project leaders and entrepreneurs launch or develop their own manufacturing tool. Assistance will also be provided in digitizing their offer and thus e-commerce presence for them. “The more salespeople we have, the more products we have, and therefore the more customers we have. It is a virtuous circle.”Says the young captain.

Designed to work “Human is the center of everything”Eurobazone is also studying a new approach to remuneration. Thus, the larger salary should not be more than four times the amount of the smaller. Target ? To ensure there are no low salaries. This coefficient pushes everyone up.”Explain the person who “You don’t want to reproduce the same pattern as in the last 30 years”. Understand business as “The common good that enriches all”as such “A tool that allows each individual to be paid according to his work and not his possession.”This is the vision he advocates and hopes it will be “model of the future”. The first step to creating a different business and demonstrating the success of other business models.


An eco-friendly platform that prefers used products

With a portfolio of nearly a million products, Europazon (which will open in June) plans to offer “Made in France”, but also “Made in Europe” products. A very comprehensive catalog (food, clothing, furniture, handicrafts, hi-fi, etc.) focused on each country. The idea is to take industrial tools to France and Europe and to enhance the visibility of French and European companies. But also to offer a tool that allows you to consume better, ethically and at the best price »Explains Xavier Mahieu, who made a preference for short circuits. Target? Avoid brokers who play on the sidelines. “And this will be beneficial to both the producer (who will be better paid) and the consumer (who will be able to buy at a better price). It is a win-win for everyone.”.

An option that would also reduce the transportation impact and therefore the carbon impact. This is also the case with the promotion of refurbished products. A deliberate choice by the platform founders because “The product that has not been manufactured is the product that emits the least amount of waste”. Thus, computers, phones as well as all hi-fi and high-tech devices that were not manufactured in France or in Europe will be presented second hand. Europazon is also committed to ensuring the quality of its products.

Note that at the moment, in search of producers, artisans and industrialists (all those who have ready-made products for sale), Europazon is recruiting. “The idea is to tell them: Focus on production, we care about sales.”. All project leaders are therefore invited to register on the platform and make appointments online.

Emmanuel Diaz
By Emmanuel Diaz

Image credit: Europazon

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