Everything you need to know about the two off-the-ground businesses in Saint-Doulchard

The Aurore, which opened nearly 40 years ago on the edge of RD2076, north of Saint-Doulchard, with its three-star midnight blue sign, marks the days before it’s demolished. Closed two weeks ago by Christian Marson, a president who “preferred retirement over investing in big business,” the institution is doomed to collapse due to mechanical scoops and the insatiable appetite of property developers on the outskirts of Bourges.

excellent Expansion of the Prado and setting up of a store in Saint-Dolchard: the Lidl project of the Bourges conglomerate did not come together by consensus

While “the deal could not have been done two years ago with Lidl,” Christian Marson found financial common ground with Obazine for the sale of the plot. The building permit was approved at the end of February by the city of Saint-Doulchard, and the building permit relates to the construction of two “buildings for commercial use”.

In Saint-Doulchard, the catering presentation, Italian on the one hand, is weak, while the demand is strong

In fierce competition with Via La Charette, the conglomerate’s other commercial center where slots proliferate, the Dolchardin region, in turn, wants to increase its food service offering.

Three bus shelters set up Route de la Charité, in Saint-Germain-du-Puy

“We are in advanced negotiations for two restaurants, including a pizzeria, confirms Vincent Marie, of Obazyne, a company that also owns the land behind Decathlon. In Saint-Doulchard, catering, on the one hand, Italian, is weak, while demand strong. “

Expected opening in September 2023

While Batabin, Louis French Bakery, and Marie Blacher already roam the Saint-Doulchard area, the project also includes a “hive to be used as a bakery”, with a catering area. Eng Insign inquired. If signed, it could be the chain’s second establishment in the conglomerate, with Ange expected to be La Charité Road in the coming months. The real estate developer relies on handing over the commercial cells in “April – May 2023” and opening “at the beginning of the academic year in September 2023.”

The arrival of the E. Leclerc shopping center in 2018 has a lot to do with the commercial expansion north of Saint-Doulchard. Many brands want to associate their wagons with this commercial locomotive. “The proximity of the hypermarket and the flow that drains into it means that we are close to a large number of catering brands,” Obazine representative slips.

Behind E. Leclerc and Burger King locomotives

The pull of the supermarket, combined with that of Burger King, the fast-food chain that opened its doors in 2021, should lead, a few meters from the Aurore Hotel at the dawn of its disappearance, to transform the industrial wasteland of Steve, a transport company Part of the highway intersection.

In the back of the American burger behemoth, major construction maneuvers have begun to get six commercial cells off the ground. Postponed in 2020 so as not to interfere in the municipal elections, and then delayed due to the health crisis, the project, planned on an area of ​​approximately 13,000 square meters, has accumulated delays and is still cultivating secrecy. “It is still too early to communicate on the calendar and brands that will be there,” a representative of the civil real estate company that is taking on the project disputes.

Fitness Park sign in discussions

According to the building permit submitted in August 2021, and validated last January, the mall provided a bank, an optometrist, a grocery store, and a restaurant, as well as a fitness room. Last year to boost its Avaricum shopping mall offering, the Fitness Park brand could see a doubling in the Berruyère conglomerate. The franchisor, Laurent Sonnino, president of the MLS Group, is emphasizing “discussions” with the goal of erecting less than one kilometer from its direct competitor, Basic Fit.

excellent The commercial and paramedical project on the site of the former Renault garage in Bourges is still in a standstill

“Nothing has been signed, but given the success of Fitness Park in Avaricum, we are convinced that the regional network, with a complementary offering in the suburbs, has every chance of success in Saint-Doulchard, by reaching people who do not have time to go to downtown,” concludes Laurent Sonnino.

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