Fact of the day The 253 plaintiffs against Linke from Cevennes are patiently awaiting pleadings

The lawyer from Lyon, Me Édouard Raffin, came to inform the plaintiffs of the possible rejection of the file that would provide a public hearing for the plaintiffs (photo François Desmeures/Objectif Gard)

The 253 Cévennes prosecutors who rejected Enedis’ injunction to change their old electric meter for a Linky meter were awaiting verdict, without pleading, on Friday, May 13. But the sudden awakening of an Indies lawyer could lead to dismissal, while the case – like others in France – has been ongoing since 2019. For them, the hope is to defend their case in court.

And he will be sentenced on Friday, on short circuit and without a hearing, in the corridors of Alice’s Court. Then finally no, I learned of the thirty complainants who refused to install a Linke meter and met Thursday noon in Seville Square in Sovey, in front of the Town Hall. This is the news that their lawyer from Lyon, Professor Edward Raven, came to fetch them after a protest outing organized by their congregation.

“Enedis’ lawyers now want to plead every time”

Enedis’ lawyers now want to plead every time. They wrote this morning requesting the adjournment of the session.Raven told me. So far, the Enedis legal department has not followed up, as is the case for the trials that have already begun in Bourg-en-Bresse, Roanne or Annecy. The error “At the company’s headquarters that would not have returned the assignments to the legal department”. The summons nevertheless pass through a visor, dispatched by Me Raffin, each paying €300. The dysfunction is still staggering in a public limited company like Enedis, which faces this kind of task all over France.

So the plaintiffs must know Friday afternoon, May 13, whether dismissing the case will allow them to make court a panel for their claims. Most of them never knew each other before “The Great General Meeting of Sauve, in April 2019”returns Anne Passero, coordinator of the collective “Stop Linky” at Cévennes Piedmont. “Our arguments are already ecological: why change the meters that were working? Then it was established that Enedis exceeded its function of personal data, which the company intends to resell. They also spread false information about the mandatory nature of the change. Moreover, the Bordeaux Court of Appeals admitted Already by a non-binding nature.”

Of the 259 claimants from Gard, 253 come from the northwest of the county

Mobilization spread in the wake of public meetings that spread to villages, particularly in the northwest of the province: 253 of the 259 complainants live there. The region also followed the positions taken by municipalities such as Monoblet, Sauve or Colognac, which had to justify themselves before the Administrative Court, often losing on appeal to the Administrative Court of Marseille due to an order preventing installation in their municipality. The other six plaintiffs from Gard saw their case in Nimes Court on April 7, and judgment was booked on May 19. But each task is individual., says Ann Passero. Either a job that requires time on the part of a lawyer, even if the issues are similar.

“The SAI has verified and confirmed: the only advantages of the Linky scale are for Enedis”, confirms the Canaules-et-Argentières resident, who witnessed the birth of one of the first cooperative groups. In the question, a possible adjustment of the electricity tariff according to the main consumption hours, the sale of data so that the service provider sends targeted offers to the customer, etc. From her village, she says, she watched the pressure from Enedis subcontractors responsible for replacing the counters, until he unscrewed two metal rods that prevented access to the stadium counter. a “Violation of private property without infringement”but resulting in a runaway install.

Clusters are still active in about fifteen municipalities

In the 253 complaints today, some still have a meter connected. This is often done due to a lack of information from the installer, Sorry Ann Passero. Sometimes by threats or simply by building a new home. » Time has also led to the layoffs of some individuals, who are nonetheless still in the judicial loop.

The groups are still active in about fifteen municipalities, from Vigan to Tournac, through Somaine, Monobelt, Frisac and La Salle. Gard takes center stage in this battle that, according to Mr. Raven, brings together a hundred people in the other divisions where he represents the plaintiffs. In Chambéry, the court agreed with Enedis, surprisingly allowing French law to over-interpret the European directive, which requires an 80% change in meters in the country, compared to 100% in French law. “But we will appeal for three-quarters of the complainants.”Me Raffin, who is responsible for eighteen procedures of the same type, continues. In the Gard, even before judging, we’re already waiting for a date.

Francois Desmore


Here at the entrance to Canaules-et-Argentières, on RD24, as in other cities in Cévennes Piedmont or Cévennes, the display of opposition to the Linky scale continues (Photo François Desmeures / Objectif Gard)

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