Faith. Tribute to Brigitte Gulske, the ‘Very Respected’ Teacher

Brigitte Juleske, who died this week on a picnic, has been a biology teacher at Gabriel Fore High School for nearly 30 years. It all highlights a teacher who is “highly regarded” by both students and colleagues.

“The school community has been severely affected,” says Pierre-Marie Mellon, principal of Gabriel-Fauré High School. Professors, administrators and staff have already learned “in amazement” the death of Brigitte Gulske, who retired last year after 30 years as a professor of earth and life sciences at the institution. The retired teacher passed away while out walking this week (Read the box).

Brigitte Juleske, 63, was also a teacher of Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong at Fuwa and sang in choir. She was the mother of two daughters and a grandmother several times.

The day after his body is discovered at the height of the newspaper, reactions are multiplied especially in high school and in his environment. “We were good friends, confirms Andrée Lecomte. I was a biology teacher like her at Gabriel-Fauré High School in Foix for over 20 years. Her disappearance would rock Ariège. Brigitte was a wonderful classmate, full of life, smiling, charming and appreciated by all.” “Everyone appreciates it,” the expression echoed several times in the reactions of Mrs. Juleske’s former colleagues. Thus, Principal Pierre-Marie Mellon confirms: “She was very close to her students, very close to her colleagues. She had a real interest in supporting all students, whether they were facing difficulties or not. She was always positive, she had a benevolent outlook, always aiming to make progress .

Furthermore, Michele Ginolhak, a plastic arts teacher who did many projects together with the deceased teacher confirms, “Brigitte Golsk had an exemplary professional career, reaching the point of compilation. This allowed her to create learning paths that allow students to develop.”

She also doubled down on projects, and outings with her students: “She loved nature-related projects, and the arts, and would often gather them around Foua, to see the rocks…,” explains another former classmate, Sandra Garcia.

During outings, Ms. Ginolhak recalls, “She never gave up teaching things to her students, but is always in a good mood. For example, when traveling, I remember evening gatherings that were devoted to science and the arts.”

It is therefore no coincidence that, as Mr. Mellon assures us, “Mrs. Gulesk was recognized by the National Education Institution. She was assembled and the Inspectorate often went to her to discuss examinations and programs…” In short, M. asserts. Meloni, “When she was active, Brigitte Juleske was one of the pillars of the school.”

His body was found after two days of searching

After two days of searching, the body of Brigitte Juleske was found in the Pic de la Journalade sector in the city of Rabat-les-Trois-Seneurs on Thursday 2 June at 9:13 am. From Ariège (PGHM 09) he discovered it in a dangerous area, where there are high risks of falling rocks and great verticality. His body had to be returned by helicopter to Surba in the Upper Arej region. The operation was carried out thanks to Choucas 09 of the Air Detachment of the Gendarmerie (Dag) in Pamiers, the main means of transport for the PGHM. The first elements indicate an accident, during which the traveler could have fallen. After the discovery of the body, Olivier Moyes, the public prosecutor of Foix, opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of his death. Dark Areej are responsible for its implementation. The representative of the Public Prosecution Office also requested an autopsy to examine his body, and Brigitte Juleske was reported missing between noon and 2 pm on Tuesday, May 31. She was with her blind roving friend near the Coumeders Cottage. According to our information, after a heat stroke, she wanted to calm down by approaching a stream. After their separation, her friend tried, in vain, to find her while the mist was rising. Then he gave the alert before PGHM started searching. All means, air and land, were mobilized, including a mountain rescue dog. megabyte

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