fashion. This unique robotic e-commerce center in France in Eure-et-Loir can process 50,000 orders per day!

400 robots are preparing the unique European site in France for this specialized e-commerce hub. (© C-Log)

company Saint Malo (Ile et Vilain)C-Log, has just opened a file E-Commerce Center Unique mechanical in France with 400 robots.

After extensive investment in e-commerce logistics since 2007, C-Log, The logistics company of the Beaumanoir Group, takes a new step with the opening in Dolly (Eure-et-Loir), not far fromOrleans (Laura), from A Logistic website dedicated to trade Line Unique in France.

Next day delivery guarantee

Especially innovative, this site represents the group perfect location Communicates.

With its proximity to the A10 motorway, it really is One hour from Paris and close to E-commerce transmission hubs. This makes it possible to guarantee delivery at 10 am for all orders placed. Before 7 pm the previous day.

The group defines “an achievement made possible by cutting-edge robotics, designed and manufactured entirely by C-Log in Saint-Malo”.

subordinate Define robot manufacturing flowsC-Log already offers a 100% customized solution built by itself.

fashion expert

C-Log bots at work
C-Log robots are in operation, an innovative technology that has been designed entirely “in-house” in the R&D laboratories in Saint-Malo. (© C-Log)

specialized in fashion logisticsC-Log has developed multi-year expertise for all of its clients.

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Building on the power of this knowledge, C-Log has designed its entire e-commerce offering in-house: the flows are imagined and modeled by C-Log engineers and robotics clinicians. Furthermore, all the robots on site are designed and manufactured in the C-Log workshops in Saint-Malo.

C-Log Company Beaumanoir . Group Press Release

In the end, this Eure-et-Loir, located at the gates of Loiret, presents a real challenge for the group to understand the needs of e-commerce, as the general manager explained:

Building the robots ourselves was a real challenge that our teams rose to proficiently. These bots and the intelligence that makes them work are the sum total of good ideas developed in-house, thanks to detailed knowledge of the domain and typical problems of e-commerce. Once the prototypes were tested, they were gradually integrated into order processing, and the real-time tempo was accelerated.

Benedict BoyGeneral Manager C-Log

Operation in real time in customer service

C-Log is a fashion logistics specialist
C-Log is a fashion logistics specialist (© C-Log)

More rely on Automated Storage SolutionsThe imagined system is extremely fast and independent to allow thickening of formulations.

The site will eventually be able to process Up to 50,000 orders per day. Additionally, continuous order management allows for “uninterrupted agility, processing speed, and peak activity management typical of e-commerce.”

History of C-Log

An expert in e-commerce and retail supply chain, C-Log offers logistics and transportation solutions tailored to brands in the personal equipment sector (ready-to-wear, beauty, footwear, leather goods, sports, accessories, luxury…).
C-Log has an area of ​​224,000 square meters, 8 locations in France, 750 employees, 90 million parts shipped annually, 12,000 points of sale delivered in more than 120 countries.
These are also well-known brands in their markets that now trust C-Log: Cache-cache, Eden Park, Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot, Morgan, Damart, Kickers, Bonobo, La Halle, Jean-Paul Gaultier …

“For five years, the continuous growth of e-commerce has driven us to seek solutions to improve efficiency and customer service. The pandemic has only confirmed the need for advanced tools For that sales channel that responds to specific challenges. In order to build this new center, we mobilized all our experience and skills in-house, in order to offer a turnkey offer perfectly suited to the textile trade”, concludes Benoit Garson.

Skilled jobs in the region

Twenty-five employees were initially hired, and twenty-five more are to be hired as staffing increases.
Twenty-five employees were initially hired, and twenty-five more are to be hired as staffing increases. (© C-Log)

Having merged as a priority the historical brands of the Beaumanoir Group (hide-and-seekAnd bonobos monkeysAnd brialAnd positive feedback), the site currently contains 25 employees.

In the coming months, C-Log plans to integrate and recruit other high-volume e-commerce clients 25 additional peoplein skilled jobs (logistics operator, maintenance agent, maintenance coordinator, developer, CAD designer, electromechanical engineer, electronics and automation engineer).

Poupry C-Log in a few numbers

• 18000 m 2 divided into 3 cells with an area of ​​6000 m 2
• 400 robots designed and manufactured by C-Log in France
• The ability to process 50,000 requests per day
• 25 employees
•Guaranteed 10am delivery for all orders placed before 7pm the day before

In the second step, the logistician considers iterating this solution with other warehouses.

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