Finding silver ore and crafting dark silver ingots at V Rising

Here you can read easily Tips and tricksin who you are V . height Help you reach your destination quickly. With this solution you will learn all about it money money) – Material that plays a huge role in the later gameplay that we never get tired of.

In “V Rising” a real burden with certain materials to generate a sufficient number of parts. And money is definitely one of those building materials. But what does money really do? Why do I need silver and where do I find the corresponding silver ore? You can read all the answers here.

High V: silver, silver ore, dark silver bullion

Money is a thing in V Rising. Because with a truck full of money in his pocket, it’s not necessarily easy for a vampire to get back to his sweet home.

According to legend, vampires are at least prone to money. Humans can kill vampires with money, so you can cash transfer Definitely have to be careful. because you take continuous damageIf you carry cash.

Pay attention to the amount: If there is too much, it will cause a lot of damage. So don’t be greedy!

Insider advice against silver damage

If we want to reduce the damage to silver from silver ore, we can turn into a bear. That is why we must first wild bears (ferocious bear) He defeated Farbane Woods at the Bear Pit to the east.

You do not take silver damage in the form of a bear! And the beauty is that this look is yours Increase regeneration.

On the other hand, you must be in the process of cultivating potions A set that reduces silver damage or your own damage scarf Extension, which provides resistance to silver damage.

Where can I find silver ore?

In V Rising there is a very specific location that hides much needed silver ore. This place is called Holy silver mine It is more than well preserved.

Silver mine mainly comes from Church of Lights (Church of Light) This means trouble. So get up Holy Guardians and Warriors who defend the silver mine in their lifetime.

If you reach a suitable armor level between 50 and 60, you can try it. The enemies Here all about Level 60.

The path to the silver mine is very easy on its own. Roll it all north world map Head west until you come across a bridge that leads to a fall biome lead – Silverlight Hills. Then you continue to drive on the track and at some point you turn north. Then you head straight to the silver mine.

This is where you can find the silver mine in V Rising. © Stunlock Studios /

Why do we need money?

With silver ore, you can produce almost anything dark silver ingot (Dark silver alloy) is produced.

However, to produce a dark silver ingot, you need a lot of silver ore.

  • 20x Silver Ore (Silver Ore)
  • 1x Scourgestone

And of course you have to start looking for the recipe that will allow you to prepare it dark silver ingot Allow. This is what the blood carrier V hides octavia military captain (Octavia, captain of the militia). Visit the altar of blood and inhale the scent. Octavia can be found northeast of Dunley Farmlands, in the Dunley Bastion. It is not difficult to find.

© Stunlock Studios /

What does dark silver bullion bring?

In the end, these special rails will allow you to craft weapons that require them. This falls under this Crossbow, axe, sickle, maser, mace, spear, and sword in dark silver. You can also use darker silver golden castle key Produce.

In addition, the material can be used royal hawthorn shield A profession that raises your level correctly. Dark!

By the way, you can find scourge stones in skeletal bishops or so scarecrows. To be on the safe side, we have included a map for you here that shows the location of the scourge stones.

© Stunlock Studios /

Alternatively, you can By the way, you can also make bulk stone by yourself. The following components are required to successfully manufacture Scourgestone:

  • 4x grave dust
  • 4x glass
  • 1x whetstone

if you do direct forming floor Used, the number of crafting materials is reduced by 1x. So you only need 3x glass, for example.

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