Fitness Master Knockout

Shadow Boxing powaaa game!

There are two types of games, fitness and other games. As for the first category, it must be said that the offer in the current market is not very diverse. We all remember that good old Wii Wii with its yoga-inspired workouts that marked its generation.

For KHC, no yoga or Zumba. The game uses shadow boxing, which is a very popular practice in recent years. any? shade what? If you do not know, in one sentence, this practice is aimed at performing military movements in a vacuum, without a training partner. Hit the void for exercise. After informing us of his weight and height, we start the first session.

Staging is very elegant. There is the coach you chose. They are four in number and can be unlocked throughout the days. They perform the movements directly with assistants in the background. We immediately notice the techno music in the background that goes boom boom!

For beginners who do not have physical experience performing movements, the character animation is good. It makes it possible to reproduce by imitation quite correctly the direct hook. If that’s not enough, you have a menu that allows you to view each movement in detail outside the session.

Good move! It’s better in its own way!

The game features a daily session with a calendar tracker that summarizes each day’s activity. It is possible to find out how many calories were burned thanks to the session.

If you’re not sure what body parts you want to work on in your daily session, let yourself drift away from basic composition. Other than that, the game offers adjustable settings through an easy-to-navigate interface. Three programs as well as body parts can be selected to work and the duration of the activity ranges from ten to thirty minutes. Today’s session is adapted to your standards. Is everything ready? Make room around you because it will square!

More fun than sweat!

We previously talked about the staging quality and the quality of gesture animation. There is undoubtedly a good movement behind it. but that is not all. The gesture matches the rhythms of the music.

Music chimes with dance, and this is literally the concept of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation. At the bottom of the screen are lines of dots that correspond to the so-called dance, rhythms. If you know anything about it, you’ve heard a teacher yell “And 1, 2, 3, 4.” The times, up to eight, are switched perfectly in your session. So you should perform your gestures according to the rhythm of “excellent” timing.

However, there is a certain lack of accessibility and ergonomics. The left and right sides correspond to the color neon, red, and blue. What if you have Joycons of another color? We have tried and nothing has changed on the screen. Is there a Switch OLED version with white controllers soon? We could push questioning to people with color blindness, which would be part of a discussion about accessibility.

Each session is literally a combat dance. In the end, the results show how many times you were completely in sync with the beat, just less, or not at all. The first few days are fun and leave you with plenty of aches if you ever get rusty.

However, as the days go by, you will quickly notice that the body parts used are always the same. Difficulty of the sequence going up, we didn’t feel real muscle work except for the shoulders and arms, even if I chose to work the abdominal area specifically. Lower body workout exercises are minimal during your daily commute. To complete it, you often have to get into fitness mode for 3 minutes to replay specific exercises.

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