Flourishing nature and cultural life in Lithuania

Sea Festival, City Celebrations, Hot Air Balloon Championships, Lithuania It hosts the warm season and with it a large number of cultural events to attract visitors from all over the world.

Also an opportunity to discover the flourishing nature of this beautiful country, and a lot of celebrations Kaunasthe second largest city is this year’s European Capital of Culture with 1,000 events planned across the territory.

It will be the main attraction in spring Multaqaan event that will take place in the month of May and will include the magic of rivers Neris And nemonas from the city. Visitors will be invited to a wild spectacle of circus acrobatics, water shows, musical river rides, live music, and visual projections. Vilnius Waiting for its 700th anniversary, on July 25, the capital will become a one-of-a-kind international music scene that takes place in the city’s largest public green space, Vingis Park, and the concert will attract fans of classical, pop, electronic, dance and a host of other genres for a day full of audio performances. and visuals by Lithuanian and world-famous artists.

Magical festivals by the water

Tranquil Lithuanian port city Klaipeda, which is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, attracts thousands of visitors to the Summer Sea Festival every year. The nautical-themed event will permeate the entire city in July, inviting you to tour galleries filled with handcrafted delicacies and artisan memorabilia, admire the majestic ships at anchor and stroll the tangled city streets that exude seaside charm.

Another water town and the most famous medieval town in the country, TrakaiThis year, it will celebrate its 700th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the 15th-century Gothic castle on Trakai Island, surrounded by a sparkling lake, will be revived by romantic performances by well-known British artists Basinger and Tom Odell this June.

Celebrations in the air

BurstunasOne of the most popular resort towns known for its healing mineral springs and mud, will take your summer celebrations to the next level with Hot Air Balloon Championships on June 9-12. The pilots will have to maneuver around the path of obstacles, while fighting the elements of the atmosphere.

Viewers will also have the opportunity to take a ride with the competing hot air balloons, while the less adventurous can enjoy the plane that conquers the skyline from city streets or from the nearby control tower. At a height of 55 meters, the tower offers a breathtaking view of the green valley Nemunas River.

Palanga Beach – © Andrius Aleksandravičius – Lithuania Travel
Luxury and nature!

Mineral waters and air with the aroma of pine, healing clay and Baltic amber, Lithuanian nature is full of them, and in the spa towns of Lithuania you will experience the perfect harmony between nature and medical science.

to me Druskininkai One of the best and most dynamic coastal resorts in the country is to drink mineral water directly from natural springs, and bathe in natural healing peat. The city is located in a picturesque landscape with rivers, lakes, hills and forests. To discover from the cable car that connects the Druskininkai water park and the Snow Arena, the only winter sports complex open all year in the Baltics.

Burstunas It is located on the right bank of the Nemunas River and is surrounded by the Nemunas Lops Regional Park. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful health resorts in Lithuania. Famous for its royal roots and its famous mineral waters, the resort is located only 90 km from Vilnius and only 40 km from Kaunas.

Palanga It is a seaside resort famous for its white sandy beaches and beautiful sand dunes. Double-sided resort: a serene wonderland in the winter and an exciting party venue in the summer. Palanga offers health and beauty services.

Gastronomy: an essential component of the journey!

The secret of the alchemy of Lithuanian cuisine is the heritage of the gastronomic traditions of different nations, Karaites, Tatars, Jews, Greeks, French, Italians, Germans, so the national boil also enriched the national cuisine. With the help of experts and more than 10,000 Lithuanians – who voted in a poll to choose Lithuanian dishes for inclusion in a national menu, they chose the 15 most popular dishes that are now part of the Lithuanian gastronomic experience. They now occupy a favorite place in the menus of restaurants throughout Lithuania. Participating restaurants already offer these dishes, recognizable by the national menu sticker affixed to their windows, which facilitates the search for the ideal place, to taste dishes and drinks in Lithuania.

Lithuania offers the opportunity to its travelers, to discover its flourishing nature, many cultural events, the idea of ​​cosmopolitan Lithuania is very important for every Lithuanian.

Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic states, geographically Lithuania is a country in Northern Europe. Barely 200 kilometers from the Baltic Sea separates Lithuania and Sweden, a distance that ferries, yachts, or even windsurfers can cover. A chance to explore this uncharted lands with its many lakes, dense forests and national parks. A destination so amazing with its beauty that one will appreciate visiting it more, if one is also interested in its history.

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