FNE evaluates biodiversity-related promises

On the eve of the legislative elections, the organization France Nature Environnement (FNE) analyzed the environmental proposals of three political parties and coalitions. a ” Hero “, which is a five-point grading system, awarded according to the suitability of their program. If the association claims to decode The main partiesThe National Assembly is not among them.

In light of the legislative elections, France Nature Environnement evaluated the proposals of three parties and coalitions on nature conservation and biodiversity. / Photo: National Assembly

Legislative elections are approaching. On this occasion, the French Environment Association (FNE) evaluated the national program of three political parties and alliances, considering that these elections are doubly important in facing climate and environmental challenges. “This election is less well known than the presidential election, and yet it is important for the environmental transition,” says a press release. We apologize for not making these suggestions todayAnd the More than the subject itself »trusts Morgan Pederrier, Head of Advocacy at FNE.

When analyzing each program, the association designated ” Hero “Thus, they mention their hedgehog emblem to alliances together! The Nupes and the Republican Party. This rating system focuses on the promises of various leaders, both in terms of preserving biodiversity and combating global warming. While specifying that different local applications can alter national programmes. However, the National Rally proposals were not mentioned. FNE explains it with Strong values ​​incompatibility. .

Nupes are more convincing than their competitors according to FNE

The “hericores” Take into account all positions and proposals on the topics of climate, biodiversity, health, environment and governance. Thus, each of them is scored on five points – drawn in the form of a hedgehog – resulting in a comprehensive synthesis. This reveals a lack of measures to ensure ecological transition. Representatives can do a lotannounced Arno Schwartz, president of FNE. For this term of office, regardless of the majority, if we are to keep our commitments and act while there is still time, our deputies must commit to ensuring that the environmental transition in each of the texts they vote on is the red thread of their mandate“.

In the three programs studied, FNE displays different observations. If she still seemed skeptical about Emmanuel Macron’s proposals, Nupes would be given a much better score. FNE notes in this alliance “A richer and more detailed program on the environment than others”. On the other hand, it regrets the lack of measures in the Republican Party’s platform.

A skeptical view of Emmanuel Macron’s programme

The Alliance Together programme, championed by Emmanuel Macron throughout the presidential campaign, received an award “Hericor” Three out of five. A result explained by FNE’s mixed opinion. For the association, the president must prove his ambition in a ‘Great Environmental Nation’. But “Her concrete actions still seem too timid or imbued with the belief that technology can save everything”, FNE nuance in its evaluation. The Assembly particularly regrets the lack of commitment by the Head of State to the issue of subsidies harmful to biodiversity and “Environmental Police Leverage to Help”.

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In general, FNE believes that Emmanuel Macron does not provide sufficient solutions to protect the environment. “Emmanuel Macron has declared that he has always wanted to better protect our coasts, mountains, forests and natural spaces.” We can only welcome the intent, but very few concrete measures show that will.”pointing to “Hero “. Although some proposals are ambiguous, such as those related to soil remediation or protection of endangered species and ‘Extremely endangered’the association notes the lack of measures for animal welfare, particularly breeding, and the resumption of shows that suit hunters.

Finally, the FNE notes that some of the proposals are not in line with the current situation, particularly on forests. “He wants to plant 140 million trees by the end of the decade, which means less than it is now!”FNE insists. According to its experts, 60 million trees will be planted annually, compared to 28 million according to Emmanuel Macron’s promises. One of his proposals also raises the creation of the Fête de la Nature. However, it has already been around for ten years.

Biodiversity measures missing from Republicans

In all their proposals, the Republicans did not satisfy the FNE, granting them” Hero “ two out of five. If you notice the assembly “specific reflection” on specific topics, such as reducing plastic, water management or the circular economy, “Environmental issues are not a priority for this programme.”, indicates. There are many brochures that complement the party’s environmental proposals, but none are based on biodiversity.

On the matter, FNE sees no suggestion of expanding protected areas. The word does not even appear in display project for France ». The association also notes a lack of concrete measures relating to natural environments, such as forests or oceans, soil industrialization, or even animal welfare, with attitudes “In favor of fishing practices harmful to biodiversity”.

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Nupes don’t go far enough in MPAs

Best score, four points out of five, for Newbies. The FNE views the Left Coalition program as ” richer and more detailed than other parties in the field of environment” with “A real awareness of the issue of biodiversity”. In the face of its competitors, Nupes do not display the same priorities, especially on the subject of forests. Left Alliance believes “Rebuilding the entire wood processing sector”, as evidenced by the program presented on May 19 in Paris. It also intends to better combat deforestation.

For animal welfare, Nupes would like to set new standards for breeding conditions, in particular access to the open air and the end of cage breeding. It also plans to ban fishing-related practices, with no-fishing days set on weekends, public holidays, and during school holidays. However, FNE regrets the lack of some details. ” We would have liked to have more details about the coexistence with wild species »as you say.

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Plus, despite having a higher score than that achieved by the Republican Party or the Ensemble Alliance! The National Police Federation criticizes NUPES for not going far enough on certain topics. ” With regard to the establishment of marine protected areas, the Nupes do not go beyond the objective already stipulated by law “, explains Morgan Pederer. On the contrary, the FNE would like to increase these areas to better protect marine biodiversity. Details which, as to the proposals of the other parties, leave the Assembly at a loss as to the means afforded by nature. ‘We can always do more’, confirms Morgan Pederer. The association hopes that environmental issues will become more important after the election results.

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