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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Sequoiasoft is a French software publisher specializing in tourism and entertainment. The company designs and develops vertical solutions to address the specific problems of this business. Interview with Freddy Pintos, CEO of Sequoisoft.

Can you tell us a few words about Sequoisoft’s activity and expertise?

The solutions developed by Sequoisoft now offer more than 6000 locations: campgrounds, village clubs, lodgings, hotels, restaurants or wellness centers. Among our users we can mention Capfun, Yelloh Village, Homair or Vacanselect in campers, MMV in club villages, Bernard Loiseau houses for hotels, Buffalo Grill, Bocuse house for restaurants or Nuxe spas in luxury.

In concrete terms, we offer three main types of software: solutions for the day-to-day management of enterprises, solutions for e-commerce (internet reservations), and solutions for data exploitation (marketing automation, re-launch, business intelligence, etc.).

With our 330 employees spread over seven offices – Paris, Sophia Antipolis, Montpellier, Lyon, Chambery, La Rochelle and Barcelona – our turnover should exceed 30 million euros in 2022, of which 15% will be internationally, mainly in Spain. In Europe, we have no equivalent.

In the wake of the health crisis that led to the re-shuffle of many cards, what is Now for you the challenges you face in your sector of activity?

This health crisis has been a revelation for some, but it has also been a huge accelerator for others. Today there are two main issues we face.

The first is to help our customers have a better control over their marketing, especially with the new customers that have emerged during the health crisis. These are the local customers who consume differently and are looking for more authenticity. Take the example of camping: We have noticed a large influx of new campsites, and the challenge now is to keep them over time and if possible directly, ie without going through the big reservation platforms.

The second challenge is dealing with the staff shortage. We are talking here about 300,000 job offers vacant for this season, jobs that cannot be transferred by definition because tourism and entertainment are service sectors. They are very disastrous, and work needs to be done to make these professions more attractive.

Specifically, what are you setting out to meet these new challenges?

To meet these challenges, we work hard on our platform, building teams that combine business and technology expertise; On top of that there is all our power. We score our solutions around several key axes such as improving the customer experience, and taking into account the experience of the collaborator.

Digitization – and through it the exploitation of data – is a pathway Required to improve customer experience in the tourism and wellness sector. Can you tell us more?

Like I was saying, now we have to talk about customer experience and employee experience. Besides, one does not work without the other.

To improve the customer experience, this includes promoting the individual tourist away from the “holiday factory” model. Our solutions make data talk about addressing customers individually, with increasingly customized offerings. These offers fully contribute to making customer journeys simpler and more flexible, both at the time of booking online, and during on-site reception, for example.

On the other hand, taking employee experience into account means taking care of users with more engaging tools. We see that the younger generation is put off by the idea of ​​working behind a table for 8 hours straight, on an old computer with complicated software. To do this, we are very keen that our solutions are designed first for mobility, are as simple and easy to use as possible, and that they automate non-value-added tasks so that employees can focus on their core business, is

Say smile, happiness…

What values ​​allow you to meet these new challenges?

I think we can say that we have the same values ​​as our customers, we form a true community. We are a staunch supporter of tourism, especially in France. We are committed to making a positive impact on the transformation of the sector, a sector that makes people happy, which is important at this time! Diversity, gender equality and trust in youth; Lots of elements that drive us every day at Sequoiasoft.

Also, we have a strong relationship with this young man, and I am thinking here of the students from the hotel schools with whom we set up an annual competition to highlight and reward the best study projects. And then it is also this young people who drive us in topics such as the environmental design of our programmes, it is necessary to integrate that digitalization must be put at the service of the environment.

What will be the news of Sciquisoft for the coming weeks?

We are fortunate to have highly dynamic and creative clients, who are the ones who drive our growth; Thus we have doubled in size over the past five years; And new customers continue to join us every day. For example, we have just signed a partnership with the Belambra Group and we are very proud that this very impressive French player in the field of tourism has put his trust in us, it is the number one holiday club in France. I must say it’s also a great appreciation for the value of our solutions, and of course the talent of our teams!

Who says new customers says recruitment. We will be close to 400 employees at the end of the year, which is why we have a plan to hire 60 new employees in 2022, in France: engineers of course, but also product owners, support technicians, or even consultants / trainers. All our job offers are also available on our website.

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