From Argent-sur-Sauldre, former TV presenter Jean-Pierre Descombes, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, is committed to the Association

Even if he is away from televisions, Jean-Pierre Descombs still maintains the same appetite for animation. The former presenter of the eight o’clock games, who has lived in Argent-sur-Soldier for many years, cannot imagine his life without entertainment and eternal passion. An activity that will now put him at the service of a new cause.

Invisible illness for eight years

Jean-Pierre Descombes decided to get involved with the Society of France Parkinson, through a series of activities which he will present today at La Chaussée Saint-Victor (Loir-et-Cher) and soon in Epinal (Vouge). This post has special meaning for the former TV host as he himself has the disease. A daily fight against an enemy that disturbs his actions for a large part of the day.

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However, Jean-Pierre Descombs hid the disease from which he suffered for a long time: “The disease was diagnosed in 2013. Because I am dynamic and love my job, I decided to hide it. But after many years, the disease is becoming more and more difficult to hide. It becomes especially visible during the recording of a program La Grosse rigolade presented by Cyril Hanouna.

“I called her saying I’m ready to give my best, animation”

Having been very tired that day, Jean-Pierre Descombs revealed many signs. And finally he decided to announce his health in May 2021: “I did a TV show with Evelyn Thomas. And I said to myself: “What should I do, take this opportunity to say it ??”. From that day I say it whenever I can. »

Wanting to be active in the fight against the disease, Jean-Pierre Descombs joined the France Parkinson’s Association six months ago. “I called her saying that I am willing to give them the best I know about animation. The idea is also to take advantage of my bad reputation to reach out to people in order to talk, exchange and reveal how we feel.”

This entertainment is for patients but also for caregivers, volunteers, benefactors and the general public.

France Parkinson did not yet have a local committee in Cher, Jean-Pierre Descombes approached the Blois antenna (Loir-et-Cher) in order to offer his services. Also near this city will he be, this afternoon, for the first public test of his cooperation with the Society.

The principle would be to provide educational content related to the disease, but with a bit of animation: “This entertainment is for patients but also for caregivers, volunteers, donors and the general public. The information about the disease, they already have. But what they don’t have is entertainment, which I specialize in. And they can Anyone in the room play. »

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The former TV host has several ideas for hosting this meeting: “Doctors will attend and give presentations on topics related to the disease on specific topics (sleep, balance, etc.)

‘I have to be an example’

Jean-Pierre Descombs is also considering a second formula that includes some of his television appearances. This sequence called “Memory Box” will draw on TV images, with questions, in order to follow the topic. Through this entertaining aspect, the Argentine wants to instill optimism and help all those affected by the disease: “The main thing is that I am well that day. I have to be an example.”

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If the test performed is definitive, Jean-Pierre Descombs can suggest several dates for this concept. With, perhaps, some appointments in Cher if possible. Jean-Pierre Descombes intends to rely on his belief in animation to lead this fight: “Once I have the microphone, it is different. There is a force that drives me, and that is why I continue.”

near Blois. Jean-Pierre Descombes presents an intervention on Parkinson’s disease in Le Carroir, Chaussée-Saint-Victor, today at 2:30 p.m.

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