From “Dangerous Business” to “Top Gun: Maverick”, Tom Cruise’s 10 Greatest Roles

Marking the release of “Top Gun: Maverick” that once again perpetuates the Tom Cruise legend, “Les Inrockuptibles” lists the ten most important roles in the actor’s career.

On his second visit to Cannes in his career, Tom Cruise has chosen what sets him well: the art of discreetness. With the arrival of a helicopter on an aircraft carrier decorated for the occasion with a huge red carpet, the legend of “Top Gun” was revitalized from the skies of the Cote d’Azur. The face of a sixty-year-old angel still enveloped the mechanics in a suit with his super bright eternal smile.

This back on track pretty much sums up the Tom Cruise phenomenon, a type of hypersonic hypersonic creature. Wandering from blockbuster to blockbuster for several decades, with a few always relevant turns toward author films and comedies, the fascination with the star remains the same. A look back at ten of his greatest performances (in chronological order).

1. Joel Goodson in dangerous work (1983)

Sliding field entrance in white stockings on the floor: Tom Cruise is the rock star of the house. This worship scene would reveal to the general public, all in his underpants and shirt, electrification and divine fidgeting alone in his living room on a day Old time rock and roll by Bob Seger.

2. Pete Mitchell V Better (1986)

As a fiery sky knight and ultimate golden boy, Tom Cruise made his first appearance in action films and officially became a Hollywood star under the direction of Tony Scott. After 36 years, Maverick is still a master of the air.

3. Ron Covich V Born on July 4 (1989)

This is the first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for Tom Cruise, which explains to Oliver Stone the true story of Ron Kovich, a former soldier who is paraplegic after the Vietnam War. Totally torn with his image as a sex symbol, here he embodies a wounded America plagued by doubts.

4. List de Lioncourt in Interview with a vampire (1994)

With Brad Pitt, they form a legendary symposium of vampires, gays and entertainers. Set off in a car at American night Sympathy for SatanWith blond hair and sharp fangs, Tom Cruise has already written two of his great ideas: speed and eternal life.

5. Ethan Hunt V Mission Impossible (1996)

with franchise Mission ImpossibleTom Cruise became the irresistible iconic actor in American action cinema, and Ethan Hunt was a legendary figure. With his apparent flair for emptiness and climbing, Tom Cruise’s body is gradually transforming into the engine and machine of Hollywood.

6. Jerry Maguire in Jerry Maguire (1996)

leave thean act For a romantic comedy-drama by Cameron Crowe. Faced with Renee Zellweger, Tom Cruise embodies a seductive sports agent but steeped in weaknesses and humorous sadness. It’s always great to find the meaning of life with Tom Cruise.

7. Bill Harford in closed eyes (1999)

In Stanley Kubrick’s “Testament,” Tom Cruise and his then-wife, Nicole Kidman, navigate a disturbing and disturbing maze of London. Wandering in a daydream, behind the masks, the actor holds within him an unsolved mystery to this day.

8. Ray Ferrer in World war (2005)

Two dark black ball eyes, beaded with tears, were in the midst of the calamity. When Tom Cruise starts singing to please his daughter (Dakota Fanning), Little Deus Coupe From the Beach Boys, may the chaos take a breather.

9. Vincent N side (2004)

Tom Cruise, beautifully portrayed by Michael Mann in Endless Night, walks with his metallic hair and gray suit on the streets of Los Angeles. A contract assassin with a sharp look, he’s mad against the hero in an urban chase tinged with extreme loneliness.

10. Commander William “Bill” Cage in edge of tomorrow (2017)

Endless Day With Aliens: Tom Cruise Never Dies In This Die and try again He throws his body into a time loop that causes him to relive the same fight over and over again. Decked out in high-tech armor, the greatest runner in the history of cinema became a real immortal machine.

Bonus: The Grossmans in Tropical Thunder (2008)

In a less rock and more hip-hop version, 25 years later dangerous workTom Cruise indulges in a new solo dance workout to shut down Ben Stiller’s comedy get back by Ludacris. With XXL glasses, well-started baldness and a solid gold streak, the actor is unrecognizable and signed for a performance that promptly propelled him to the top of his most significant looks. “attention!

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