From the World Cup to the Euro through the Olympics…these are the Franco-Danish who distinguished us (or not)

slideshow As part of the League of Nations, France will face Denmark again on Friday evening (8:45 pm).

The two teams know each other well. Indeed, over several decades, France and Denmark have faced each other regularly, both in friendlies and in continental and international competitions. This Friday (8:45 p.m.), at the Stade de France, the blues are once again opposing red and white. in this occasion, le Figaro It immerses you in the most important confrontations between the two choices. Including slide show.

The most beautiful competitions between France and Denmark

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June 26, 2018: Especially Dope 0-0

The 2018 World Cup, with confirmation of qualification for the round of 16, France faced Denmark on the last day of the group stage. For the occasion, Didier Deschamps left some of his CEOs like Hugo Lloris, Paul Pogba, Blaise Matuidi or Kylian Mbappe to rest. Denmark, for its part, has yet to validate its ticket for the rest of the competition. To do this, he had first of all to avoid losing. Context leads to a psychedelic match in a nutshell. And, as some suspected at the time, the meeting was particularly inaccurate. Not full of energy, she produced a clean result with only five shots on target: two for the Reds and the Whites and three for the Blues. But both selections achieved their goal, with Denmark snatching second place in Group C, and France taking first place.

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June 11, 2002: 2-0 defeat and the last hope for the Blues

World Cup 2002. After a complicated start – a defeat (1-0) against Senegal and a draw (0-0) against Uruguay – the Blues faced the Reds and Whites, again on the last day of the group stage, with the Skinny. Hope to qualify for the rest of the competition. To achieve this, the selection led by Roger Lemerre could depend on the return of his playing master, Zinedine Zidane, who was injured during preparation. But despite the presence of “Zizou”, the world champions missed their meeting and lost with two goals to zero. Leaving the 2002 World Cup by the back door.

June 11, 2000: 3-0 win and a perfect start for the French national team

Euro 2000. The Blues, Reds and Whites were in the same group. But this time, it was during the first day of the group stage where they opposed. France’s Roger Lemerre has left no chance for their opponent since they won the match 3 goals to 0, with achievements from Laurent Blanc, Thierry Henry and then Sylvain Wiltord, at the end of the regulatory time. A great start for the Tricolores team who made it to the end of the competition.

June 24, 1998: 2-1 win over the Blues

1998 World Cup. The French national team was in the same group as Denmark. And again, I faced him on the last day of the group stage. After the Blues had already qualified for the Round of 16, Aime Jacquet decided to take turns, giving time to play for Franck LeBeouf, Christian Karembeu, Vincent Candela, Patrick Vieira or even Robert Perez and David Trezeguet. In this meeting without real stakes for them, the Habs were still victorious, winning 2-1 thanks to the achievements of Yuri Djorkaev and Emmanuel Petit.

June 17, 1992: 2-1 defeat, elimination of France

Euro 1992. The French team led by Michel Platini was disappointed in the last game of the group stage. To hope to reach the quarter-finals of the competition – at the time, the European Championship was in dispute with eight teams divided into two groups – the Blues had to win. But the Danes, who had nothing to lose as they were recruited to replace Yugoslavia, managed to win 2-1 thanks to goals by Henrik Larsen and Lars Elstrup. In qualifying for the semi-finals, the Reds and Whites created another surprise as they finally lifted the cup by defeating Germany in the final (0-2).

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