From wine to metal, the Franco-Czech Chamber of Commerce presents its Entrepreneur of the Year awards

Company of the Year award was given to Oxymetal, a group founded in Bordeaux and having its first overseas establishment in Plzen in 2019 with David Morin:

“This award is a recognition from my colleagues and from the industrial network of the French community for what we have achieved. This is a way to thank all the teams that were involved in this project, including our President Philippe Chedreux. This first overseas plant was a challenge.”

Why choose the Czech Republic for this first international development?

Photo: Oximetal

“Oxymétal, France’s leader in the metal laser cutting market, is in transition to refocus on key account clients, clients that we should be able to offer everywhere with a focus on Germany, so the localization in Pilsen is ideal.”

For SME ABI Profils, the Czech Republic is also the first country in which it developed in 2017. The jury, awarded by the French Success Award in the country, rewarded the long-term export strategy of this company specializing in extrusion and co-extrusion of technical plastic tubes and profiles, which Its export to the Czech Republic now accounts for 30% of the company’s sales.

ABI profiles |  Photo: Twitter of the Franco-Czech Chamber of Commerce

Among the other awards given was the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award. The winner is Schneider Electric, which delivers digital solutions that combine energy and automation, for greater efficiency and serving a more sustainable world.

Vladimir Ticho runs the Czech branch of this group, which was founded in France:

“This is very important, because sustainability is at the heart of what Schneider does. We care about digitization and energy management, we don’t produce anything that consumes energy. We strive to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their energy costs which is our core business, so this award for Ours is the best reward.”

“My ambition for the Czech Republic is to go beyond buildings that consume very little energy. Across the world, we have already designed many buildings that are energy positive, which means that they are not only energy efficient, but also produce electricity that they can send back to the The network. This is important because recent studies show that although we often talk about transportation, 40% of the global carbon footprint comes from buildings.”

Schneider Electric |  Photo: Twitter of the Franco-Czech Chamber of Commerce

Favorite: Prison Island and Wine

For the “coups de coeur” awards, the jury chose a businessman who was born in Prague and raised in France before returning to his country of origin. Robert Sibini decided to launch in the Czech Republic a Scandinavian concept, Prison Island, inspired by Fort Boyard:

“Like in Fort Boyard, you have puzzles but you’re not alone in the dungeon, you’re on your team with keys to 29 of these cells. It’s also good for families, friends, team buildings, or bachelorette parties. So it’s not a classic escape room.”

Prison Island |  Photo: Twitter of the Franco-Czech Chamber of Commerce

“I sell sporting goods and that’s how I met my colleagues in France. Someone discovered this prison island franchise in Sweden, which was immediately successful in France. I had a dream to come to the Czech Republic and offered them Prague. It was done very quickly, but soon also slowed down by a wave First Covid.”

We started with the risk of closing down for a second wave, which is what actually happened. It’s still a brawl, even if for some of our customers it’s as if Covid is behind us. We have been working as we would have liked from the start for two months now. »

“It is a Swedish franchise that has been doing very well for 19 years, with 51 locations in Europe and they are planning to open soon, especially in Dubai after Abu Dhabi. »

Adrien Precourt |  Photo: Twitter of the Franco-Czech Chamber of Commerce

Finally, the second “coup de coeur” award was given to Adrien Bricourt, known to Prague wine lovers for his establishment called La cave d’Adrien:

“Over the past two years, despite the very complex context, we have worked harder than some. We told ourselves that we were probably doing all this for nothing, but from this situation we learned something positive by expanding our clientele, in particular through tastings. Online. When the virus subsided, well-known people online came to the basement and the efforts paid off. We managed to get clients, a community that knows what to expect from us.”

Our clients come from all over the world. We will soon open an institution called AVA in Prague 1 but it will not be intended for tourists. I want to create an atmosphere for the locals in this very touristy area. Our goal in the future is to develop more restaurants and give a “French touch” to establishments that have struggled during this recent period. »

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