Fully entering the 4.0 industry, DEMGY coordinates and automates QSE*, procurement, HR*, R&D*, and business procedures using the M-Files document management platform.

Like its products that lighten structures in the automotive, aerospace, medical, sports and entertainment industries, DEMGY Group, a manufacturer of durable and smart plastic solutions, has chosen to ease its operations by coordinating and automating its procedures with M-Files, the world’s leading information management company. M files increase productivity and improve the quality of work by making information easier to find and use. M-Files’ metadata-based document management platform was chosen by DEMGY to help simplify QSE*, procurement, human resources*, research and development* and sales processes. This initiative was recognized as a strength during the company’s most recent ISO audit.

One repository for coordinated actions

Over the years, DEMGY has grown, especially on an international level, and the logic of individual classification, possible with 2 to 3 plants, requires further coordination with today’s 8 production sites. Impeccable quality follow-up dictates the rationalization of procedures, up to their automation, through intelligent information management. The same applies to the preservation of knowledge.

The company has pioneered the concept of Multiplasturgy®, a one-stop shop for more than 10 different, integrated areas of expertise in converting plastics and high performance composites, which enables it to fully manage complex projects. As a result, depending on the type of market, it can manufacture a huge number of different parts and registers at some of its production sites with between 5,000 and 6,000 active references each year. Each part that is produced is accompanied by a development, manufacturing and manufacturing file consisting of a large volume of documentation.

Before moving on to dematerialization, searching for a file to recreate an old reference can take up to 24 hours!

Advised by FEALINX, SWO360 Business Intelligence (BI) business solutions supplier and value-added integrator used by the group, David Guichard, Director of Digital Transformation at DEMGY, chose the M-Files platform, convinced of its use by the mineralogist for similar issues. The platform is also European across its value chain, a reassuring element for a group that has sensitive documents for its clients in the defense or aerospace sectors. M files offer a competitive advantage to companies of all sizes by automating processes, strengthening control over information, and improving customer experience.

Therefore M files were executed within the DEMGY array. Afin que les collaborateurs accèdent à une seule et unique version du dossier de développement, d’industrialisation et de fabrication, celui-ci est enregistré dans M-Files connecté à l’ERP CEGID PMI à chaque étape de la pièce de la en real time. In CEGID-PMI, the M-Files button gives authorized persons access to the development, manufacturing, and manufacturing file for each item (a correspondence table that defines the link between the two programs).

“M files, illustrated with the ERP CEGID PMI and BI tool SWO360 from FEALINX, allow us to track production, non-conformities, corrective actions, delays and procurement management in real time. Today, all our actions are coordinated and highly automated thanks to M files and their workflows, from human resources* to research and development *Across customer relationships. The more we use it, the more the solution inspires us,” David Gichard, Director of Digital Transformation at DEMGY testifies.

Good Purchasing Management

With the M-Files platform, all supplier contracts benefit from strict control over implicit renewals.

Contract terminations and supplier notices are recorded in M ​​files so that buyers know if they are renewing or terminating the contract in a timely manner.

All material compliance contracts are archived in M ​​files and searching for them is faster.

DEMGY can now work without signatures because workflows validate expenses automatically, depending on the amount committed.

Consistency in all services

HR procedures also use M file workflows, for example, so department heads validate an IT integration sheet for new entrants.

Thanks to M files, the R&D department* keeps track of the time spent on each project. This has been very helpful in getting grants under the France Relance Scheme.

In addition, the sales department can categorize repeat reports, the standard form of which is available in M ​​files, which facilitates tracking of offers. Each customer gives a rating from 1 to 3 for DEMGY QUALITY and DELIVERY TIME. Sales management develops scorecards that help focus attention on areas for improvement.

DEMGY now estimates an administrative time saving of 30%. Employees have gained independence and speed of work, they no longer need to search for documents in other departments.

The DEMGY group benefits from the coordination of the quality system, procurement, human resources*, research and development*, and business procedures in 8 of its subsidiaries: 5 in France, 2 in Romania and 1 in Chicago.

* Quality, Safety, Environment – Human Resources – Research and Development

About M . files

M-Files is a leading global information management company. M-Files’ metadata-based document management platform allows employees to instantly find the right information when they need it, automating business processes and enhancing information control. This constitutes a competitive advantage and provides a good return on investment for companies, improving customer experience and quality of work while reducing risks. For more information, visit www.m-files.com.

About dmji:

Founded in 1947, DEMGY designs and manufactures high-performance plastic and composite solutions that are lighter than metal, to promote energy savings in business sectors with a high carbon footprint (integrating an environmental design approach to facilitate recycling).

DEMGY is still in a new era of innovation and has become a major player in Industry 4.0 thanks to:

  • 3D workshop for direct production of functional parts using additive manufacturing (PEKK Reinforced Carbon, PA11);
  • Developing our expertise at Flaxcomp® on converting 100% recyclable biocomposites;
  • The launch of a new technology: the hybrid composite and a new generation of thermoplastic composite products with a complex “pure” geometry;
  • The innovation of Protectiv®, a family of personal protection products.

The Norman Group has five locations in France, including its head office in St-Aubin-sur-Gaillon (27), two in Romania and one in the United States.

In 2021, DEMGY Group achieved a turnover of 60 million euros with a total of 660 employees.


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