Galimmo launches until June 4th, the Engagement for Tomorrow award for social entrepreneurs

Retail outlet operator, the real estate company created in 2016 operates 60 shopping centers adjacent to Kura hypermarkets (including 52 in France) and receives 6 million visitors per month. True to its values, Galimmo adheres to an ambitious approach to corporate social responsibility and advocates a more sustainable and standardized mall policy and attention to the needs of visitors.

According to this logic, in 2019, 3 years after its creation, the group started its first partnership with the MakeSense Association (the central player in SSE in France). ” The Responsible Innovation Program with Associations has resulted in the opening of four second-hand stores (including two in collaboration with Emmaüs) in our malls Marin Rijkaard, Director of Marketing and Innovation at Galimmo explains. While considering opening new stores, MakeSense and Galimmo continue and accelerate their joint approach with the Committed To Tomorrow award.

This initiative, aimed at social entrepreneurs, presents the opportunity for project leaders to participate in building the responsible innovation dynamism of the Galimmo Centres. The idea? Shaping the malls of tomorrow through 3 challenges.

An alternative to polluted transport

Thousands of people visit Galimmo stores every day. By car most of the time. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions (30% of EU greenhouse gas emissions come from transport, including 70% from road transport), the group wants to support its brands in improving its vehicle fleets. A priority that requires educating customers and employees about soft movement to encourage its use, and developing appropriate equipment (eg, installation of electric stations and bicycle parking).

Fighting wastage and waste

To support this responsible approach, Galimmo is committed to three main areas: promoting recycling by increasing access to sorting, supporting brands and consumers in reducing waste (particularly through the management of unsold items), and collecting, treating and diverting food waste from restaurants in shopping malls. Centers that use fertilizers, biogas, or new products. With regard to discarded and salvageable products, the group undertakes to promote reuse (used, barter items, etc.) and product repair within its malls.

Sell ​​Responsible Products

90% of consumers expect brands to engage and help them consume better, according to a Oney and OpinionWay survey published in 2020. More Responsible. To do this, the group wants to rely on sustainable production solutions (with, among other things, partnerships with local producers) and develop responsible and waste-free product ranges.

3 Awards for “Committed to Tomorrow”

This first edition of the Committed to Tomorrow award, dedicated to social entrepreneurs, is a call for innovative projects around three themes: easy mobility, recycling and responsible commerce. Accordingly, three prizes will be awarded with a total endowment of 150,000 euros.

Depending on the shopping center the winner would like to create (8 centers participate in this competition: Strasbourg, Colmar, Wittenheim, Cambrai, Ermont, Val d’Ires and Rennes) and their needs, Galimmo leads the giveaway as follows:

  • Location: Dedicated for 1 year of a kiosk (average rent 20.000€) or sales unit (average rent 60.000€),
  • Financial assistance of up to 10,000 euros,
  • Communication campaign of €3000 in targeted shopping centers (banners, social networks, online platforms, digital boards),
  • Support the creation of the project, thanks to guidance by the Director of the Center.

Projects will be selected in three phases. First of all, a pre-selection of 9 projects (from June 8 to 16), which will be able to benefit from the training sequence, with a view to the final jury (from June 16 toVerse July). Finally, on July 7, 2022, the Final Jury (made up of experts from the sector and the management of Galimmo) will have the opportunity to welcome the finalists, to decide the three winners of this first edition.

Are you a responsible company? You have an innovative project? Applications are open until June 4, 2022 on the designated platform.

Maddyness, Galimmo . Media Partner

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