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Launched in January 2021 by CORUM l’Epargne, corum euro that it The sustainable intensification of crop production With a 10-year financial promise to the investor Focuses on two main indicators :

  • achievement 10-year internal rate of return (IRR) of 4.50%And the
  • service Annual dividend (TDVM) of 4.50%.

To achieve these goals, the directors of CORUM EURION . have chosen Real estate investments in the Eurozone (outside France) provide as much as possible The following features :

  • The Ability to log into acquired assets:
    • Long-term lease contracts with strong signatures: Citrix, Google, KPMG…
    • With a rental return higher than TDVM’s promise of 4.50%And the
  • The The quality of the property in terms of environmental standards and its location Within a local business district or a large city: Barcelona, ​​Dublin, Helsinki…

The CORUM EURION INVESTMENTS IN 2021 Clarify the operational implementation of this policy:

  • Acquisition in March 2021 from one 10,775 square meters office building in Madrid (Spain) at a price of approximately 30 million euros, b Yield on acquisition of 6.3%And the
  • Acquisition in June 2021 from one 4,744 square meters office building in Dublin (Ireland) at a price of about 19 million euros, b Return on acquisition 6.27%And the
  • Acquisition in December 2021 from one 14400 m² office building near Helsinki (Finland) at a price of about 76 million euros, with a 5.5% Maturity Return

In 2021CORUM EURION managers have benefited from Strong net inflow momentum From SCPI to risk diversification :

  • end of 2021, CORUM EURION is now located in 7 European countries except Francewith significantly increased dispersal compared to the end of 2020:
    • The The relative weight of Ireland And so he went from 65% of portfolio value by the end of 2020 to 37% by the end of 2021And the
    • investments in Finland position made possible 24% of SCPI assets at the end of 2021And the
    • like that, Spain I got into the CORUM EURION wallet and weighed 15% of assets at the end of 2021.
  • The Relative weight of main commoditiesspecifically the office buildings, maintained by CORUM EURION have also benefited from a Increasing Dispersal in 2021:
    • The The first property owned by CORUM EURION end of 2020 weighing 31.3% of SCPI assets. end of 2021the first asset (which is an acquisition during the fiscal year), weighs only 18.4%.
    • The The five most important characteristics From CORUM EURION at the end of 2021 Located in four different countries : Spain (18.4%), Finland (16.6%), Italy (17.0%), the Netherlands (7.0%).

corum euro was able to enter November 2021 a SRI labeling (Socially Responsible Investment) from the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Promotion of the French Republic.

Finally, note that the file QUALITY CORUM EURION ASSETS allowed for To benefit our partners in 2021 at the same time :

  • The Pay a dividend of 6.12% for the fiscal yearAnd the
  • from one Revaluation in July 2021 of the share value from €200 to €204.

The main assets of CORUM EURION

  • Knowledge of CORUM managers with the ability to find real estate in the Eurozone Triple response:
    • Financial return on acquisition
    • Rental term (lease contracts) signed
    • signature quality of the tenant(s)
    • Financial occupancy rate (TOF) from 100% end of 2020 and 99.45% end of 2021,
    • physical occupancy rate (higher 93.1% at the end of 2020 and 96.59% at the end of 2021.
  • No restrictions on equity investments for crop production, This gives managers complete flexibility to find transactions that meet a set of financial goals.
  • Quality of real estate portfolio and tenants acquired in 2021with returns on acquisition between 5.2% and 6.93%.
  • Limited number of properties (a total of 17 buildings at the end of 2021) and tenantsAnd the Facilitate its monitoring and management by CORUM.

The main disadvantages of CORUM EURION

  • Dispersal of risks to followIn terms of acquired properties and tenants, this situation is inherent in the recent creation of CORUM EURION and is naturally improving with the acquisitions, as evidenced by the comparison of indicators at the end of 2021 compared to the end of 2020.
  • The need for SCPI managers to maintain CORUM EURION indicators in the context of strong capital growthemphasizing that the wide geographical scope (Eurozone) combined with full flexibility in terms of real estate asset classes leave a great deal of potential to operate.
  • Enjoyment period of SCPI shares for 6 months after acquisitionallowing managers to make acquisitions that achieve targeted financial performance goals, without immediate investment constraints in the very short term.

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