Greenweez, the first European website for organic and responsible products, expands its offering with textiles

6:24 am, May 13, 2022

Greenweez’s historical customers are sure to remember this little online grocery store that stocks far better than any organic store in the neighborhood. It was ten years ago. Eternal in the world of e-commerce. Visitors to Greenweez now find themselves faced with a vast market that offers access to 130,000 products that are always organic or responsible. Having become the queen of its class and the only player by European size, Annecy already has more than 100 million euros in sales.

She knows that to achieve her goal of doubling her sales in three years, she must expand her offering. Tomorrow she will announce the launch of her first selection of textile brands. Its customers will have access to hundreds of shirts, pants or underwear, always organic or ethical. “Our philosophy remains the same regardless of the product category, Roman Roy, founder of Greenweez. We always want to offer consumers more responsible alternatives. Regarding textiles, we work with brands whose commitment is strong in terms of selecting raw materials, manufacturing or using their profits. »


Greenweez teams define specifications and select dozens of partner brands. Among them, Girafon bleu, which donates a portion of its sales to the cause of giraffe conservation, or the ultra-chic Parisian brand made in France Montlimart. These elements are expected to boost the site’s average basket, which Greenweez is trying to keep from rampant inflation.. “We are betting on sustainable fashion offering better quality goods that we will keep for longer”And Roman Roy, who wants to go a little further in the process, justifies. He will be announcing the launch of his vintage clothing and accessories show soon.

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The second hand is an essential trend that hasn’t escaped Haute-Savoie. The market has already opened its catalog to thousands of refurbished high-tech products. “We were surprised by this success, Note the distributor. We were counting on a shy start for our non-food offerings. » The share of Greenweez’s organic groceries sourced, stored, and shipped still accounts for more than 75% of the site’s sales. Romain Roy ensures that they will continue to advance despite the stagnation in the global market since 2020.

In 2008, when he founded Greenweez, Romain Roy, an engineer by training specializing in quantum physics, was convinced that the environment and sustainable development would revolutionize consumption. Started selling small solar panels, air purifiers and “silly things”. The small community reflected in her approach encourages her to move toward organic groceries, which she finds difficult to find online.

15,000 references compared to less than 5,000 references in specialized stores

The Greenweez collection will rapidly expand to 15,000 references today, compared to less than 5,000 in a specialty store. In 2016, mass distribution began to pay close attention to the organic phenomenon. Also want to promote e-commerce. Carrefour buys Greenweez for a kept secret.

During the pandemic, and in the face of increasing orders, which rose from 3,000 per day to more than 10,000, Roman Roy has reached the limits of logistics and his model. He imagines opening his site to hundreds of new suppliers. Greenweez becomes a market place whose orders are processed and shipped directly by the service providers they refer. The philosophy of the site does not change.

Having become a company with a mission, Greenweez wants to continue to democratize access to responsible consumption. In particular, it has pledged to freeze the prices of several hundred basic food products. It will also launch rental offers for certain categories such as games. A package of baby wake-up kits from 0 to 6 months is being finalized, available for a few weeks. “It seems to fit us these days.”, believes Roman Roy, who wants his platform to reach 500,000 references. A new textile show is the time to help her out.

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