Grenoble, a life-size urban destination


Can you imagine a getaway that perfectly combines nature and culture?

by Christian Marchand

The capital of the Alps, named “City of Art and History”, located in an exceptional natural environment, offers many possibilities. It is the perfect destination for a stay that offers a delicate balance between culture, live arts, nature and vast open spaces.

2000 years of history and heritage. Grenoble is rich with revolutions, first times and unusual personalities. From Julius Caesar to Napoleon, and from revolution to resistance, it’s a fascinating story told to visitors. Its historical heart, with its medieval streets and Haussmannian squares, reveals many surprises.

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An entire legacy visible, hidden or extraordinary to discover!

The antiques district is filled with small shops and galleries, the Isère sidewalks are favorable for Dolce Vita, the Championnet district offers many good restaurants and shopping addresses, and the eco-zone of Caserne de Bonne (Environment 1 – Province of France) is an invitation to relax.

Thirty museums for a cultural holiday. The Grenoble Museum, ranked among the most famous in Europe, presents impressive collections ranging from ancient Egypt to contemporary art, highlighted by its luminous architecture. The Albert Michelon Sculpture Garden is a dreamlike natural extension to visit. The eleven museums of the department of Isere, unique and free, reveal the history and identity of the Grenoble region. To name a few, you have the Champollion Museum, the Museum of Resistance and Deportation, the Musée Dauphinois, or the Museum of the French Revolution.

Increase the height of the pastel. Fort de la Bastille overlooks Grenoble at an altitude of 500 metres. Symbolic bubbles (the first urban cable car in France) allow you to go from the city to the mountains in a few minutes. At the top, a unique panorama that you never tire of admiring! The site offers entertainment: giant zip lines, tree climbing, outdoor activities, indoor games, museums… The Bastille is a site not to be missed!

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At the end of every street is Mt. Surrounded by emblematic blocks of Vercors, Chartreuse and Belledonne, Grenoble Alpes is the ideal destination for many outdoor activities: hiking, running, biking, mountain biking, cross ferrata, paragliding, canoeing, canoeing … with family or friends, for all levels Anything is possible in Grenoble.

Nature and culture by bike. With 450 km of bike paths and a bike rental service, the city of Grenoble can be visited very easily by pedaling. For a walk in the heart of nature, Grenoble Alpes has imagined 21 cycling loops that can be found in Topo guides. These routes take dedicated routes or have little travel and are suitable for all levels. Why not explore the many artistic murals that color the city by bike? Created by local and international artists during the eight editions of the Street Art Fest’, they underscore the creativity of Grenoble. The Tourist Office offers guided tours of this open-air museum all year round.

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Bonn Barracks. A charming city to explore by bike. © Grenoble Alps Metropole Lucas Frangela

How to get to Grenoble? By train: Brussels-Grenoble via Valence, Lyon or Paris (about 6 hours). By plane: Brussels – Lyon – Saint-Exupéry (1 hour 25). By car: Brussels-Grenoble, 844 km (about 8 hours by motorway).
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Culture and heritage. The historic center, the Bastille and its cable car, the Grenoble Museum, the museums of the eleven departments, the Fort Saint-Aignard and its scenic view, Domaine de Vesel.

temper nature. The Vercors and Chartreuse Regional Nature Parks, several parks and gardens, the village of Sappey-en-Chartreuse, the Sassenage Basins Cave.

Gastronomy and knowledge. AOP Grenoble walnuts and by-products, gratin dauphinois, Vercors-Sassenage blue cheese, Dauphiné ravioli, many local and craft beers, Lesdiguières glove factory that continues the Grenoble glove tradition.

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