Grenoble Museum exhibition on nature

Focus – The Grenoble Museum is being held at the Maison des Habants Teisseire-Malherbe for a new edition of the Hors les murs project. Nine works on the theme of nature, three drawings, three paintings, two photographs and two sculptures, to be discovered until June 2, 2022. All accompanied by many cultural events.

An erupting volcano unfolds pink swirls on the sky, an absurdly bounded encounter between a tourist boat and Niagara Falls, raging waves in which strange shapes appear or a delicate representation of weeds in a field on a summer’s day… These are some of the works on nature presented by the Grenoble Museum in the home of the residents of Tessier- Malherb until June 2, 2022.

Guy Tosato, Director of the Grenoble Museum. © Florent Mathieu – Place Gre’net

for the sixteenth edition of its form” outside the walls “The museum has already returned to a room it had already invested at the moment it opened, in 2005.” The paint was drying and we came to hang the exhibition recalls Guy Tosato, director of the Grenoble Museum. Since then, the Population Center has found its network and partners to fully participate in the life of the area.

“Meet the masses who did not come to the museum”

What guarantees the exhibition a popular success? The Grenoble Museum team depends on it. Pierre Bastien, head of the Hors les murs project, notes that a hundred ballot papers have been cast at the polls, while upstream residents have been invited to give their opinion in which direction the fair should go. Success and perhaps promise to attract a lot of visitors.

One of the works presented as part of the exhibition Au coeur de la Nature, Jörg Sasse, 2613, 2004. © Adagp, Paris 2022

One of the works presented as part of an exhibition In the Heart of Nature, Jörg Sasse, 2613, 2004. © Adagp, Paris 2022

This is the bottom line, as Guy Tussato mentions: “ Reach audiences who do not come to the museum for various reasons. And make them understand that there is business out there, and an opportunity to break away from everyday life to drive the imagination The director insists that the works shown are all original. To better enable Works meet in real life, with its substance, body and materials “.

However, there is no doubt that the Grenoble Museum will replace a public policy of raising awareness of artistic creativity. ” This is a work that should be shared between the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Culture “Says Guy Tosato. Not without regret that attempts in this direction have failed in the past. Don’t mention it” Reclaiming this growing gap between the classical culture and the new generations ‘, is worried.

Portrait of a “wild, rebellious, untamed” nature

Exhibition title? in the heart of natureto better follow in the footsteps of Grenoble European Green Capital 2022. With the choice, after consulting with residents, on the nature ” Wild, Rebellious, Unruly, Strong ”, describes Pierre Bastien. In all, nine works have been proposed: three figurative works, three drawings, two portraits and a sculpture. With a certain balance between figurative works and more “abstract” works.

Marie-Laure Poquay and Pierre Bastien, responsible for the Hors les murs project at the Grenoble Museum.  © Florent Mathieu - Place Gre'net

Marie-Laure Poquay and Pierre Bastien, responsible for the Hors les murs project at the Grenoble Museum. © Florent Mathieu – Place Gre’net

As always at Outside the Walls, the museum presents works of contemporary art. Here, those on display range from 1961 to 2004. For practical reasons, first of all: the old works, which are more fragile, are less portable. But also, Pierre Bastien emphasizes, ” Allowing people who may not be accustomed to visiting museums to see a variety of contemporary creativity “.

in the heart of nature He is still accompanied by many appointments, whether it is a singing workshop, theater performances, or even a concert by the artist, Dia, on Thursday, May 12. Without forgetting the many events organized in other places, notably the Teisseire-Malherbe Library, or Books Without Borders at the Center for International Solidarity on Monday 23 May, or even the Higher School of Art and Design on Wednesday 25 May. The program is in the museum diary and a brochure dedicated to the exhibition.

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