He reveals without taboo how he spent all his money

Gay Marchand is particularly known for being the actor who interprets the role of Nestor Burma on TV. But he is also famous for many other roles in film and television. He has also released more than fifteen albums and no less than five books. And above all, we have to believe that at the height of his 85 years, he hasn’t decided to retire yet. Actor, musician, singer, writer, and artist in short can allow himself to slow down.

At least that’s what the public has a right to think of given the success and popularity of Jai Marchand. But according to what he announced in October 2021 in the newspaper columns Paris, we have to believe our dear fetish artist doesn’t roll in gold. Even worse, he would say he was “broken” and forced to work to continue ensuring a comfortable lifestyle. Objeko I tell you everything!

Did Jay Marchand really ruin it?

It’s hard to separate truth from falsehood by reading or listening to an interview with Jay Marchand. In fact, he is able to tell deep truths under the guise of humor. Or to answer questions by making jokes but taking the most dangerous tone in the world. Sure, these eyes can sometimes help tell which foot is dancing. But in general, he is above all the one who leads the dance. It seems that both his career and his private life. Since he confessed in the newspaper columns Paris They have an annoying tendency to be wasteful. Or rather, he finds it difficult to restrain his whims, his heartbeat.

Which brings us to a quick look at Guy Marchand’s love life. And to know that he is married to actress Beatrice Chatelier and they have two children. She was the one who played his wife in the movie Gifted Untalented On Vacation. Their children are named Jules and Ludivine. But the couple ended up getting divorced and Jay Marchand met a young woman, 40 years younger than him, in 2006. Her name is Adelina Khamaganova and she is a model. They married in 2007. But after a few years of marriage, the couple broke up. Without any divorce from anywhere else. Thus, his wife gave birth to several children from her new partner and they bear the name Marshan.

In short, readersObjeko Agree, Jay Marchand has had a great career and had a full love life. Why then refuse to retire permanently? Well, as we told you above, it turns out that it needs a bit more work to avoid a complete meltdown. So he has to keep going, whether he likes it or not, to pay the bills that are piling up.

All spent feelings

And if the bills are piling up, it’s likely due to Jay Marchand’s unwillingness to change his lifestyle when he was already 85 years old. Last October and then in the newspaper columns ParisSays : “It is time for me to shoot again, because we are broke.” By saying “we” he refers to him and his son Jules. Because the latter lives with him so that he can help his father in managing daily life. But it’s true that it can be hard to believe that an actor broke when he enjoyed so much success as a singer, writer, musician, and most of all an actor. There again, he doesn’t take long to explain himself on this point.

“I made a lot of money on Nestor Bormas, but I spent it all.”then admitted. as such Objeko I told you above, it can be hard to tell if Jay Marchand is funny or just being too honest. But it may be wise to resort to the second option. Since he added that he spent his money to fuel his passion. To know: “Horses. Cars. Women. I loved to live on a large scale.”He said.

Finally, he added with humor that the bankers were still getting the hang of it. ” I’m in the red with my retirement, withholding taxes, the way I spend my money and my passion for American cars! They are really nice of my bankers, I tell them to trust me, we will never be safe from victory! »Jay Marchand announced.

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