Heart dance to burn calories while having fun

After exercising to lose weight, Engaging in regular physical activity Important to maintain good health. However, when you’re not really athletic (and prefer the bleachers to the gym), it can be hard to find a major that motivates you. What if we told you we found the perfect calorie-burning activity and get your body moving while having fun? It’s about heart dance. Focus on this practice with Rachel Vanier, co-founder of Dancefloor Paris.

What is a heart dance?

Cardio dance lessonsheart dance“It makes it possible to combine two disciplines: fitness and dance. The goal is to train your entire body, while learning fun and accessible choreography.

This is the most recent version ofExercise It has had some success in recent years. Especially because it allows you to get back in shape and clear your mind…without feeling like you’re putting in too much effort and suffering! So reconnecting with the sport is an ideal activity, if it has been some time since you left the ship.

“These classes are really about having fun. It also allows the amateurs to dance through an educational activity. The goal is not to become the next star of the Paris Opera, but rather to have fun and sweat for 45 minutes/1 hour,” says the expert.

What are the benefits of cardio dancing?

Cardio dancing has many benefits for the body as well as the mind.

  • Is cardio for weight loss effective?

This activity necessarily burns calories, because it is intense. “These are classes in which you increase the performance of the heart, it is very muscular. We work hard and work the body from head to toe,” the expert explains, before adding: “But the idea is not to offer this course to lose weight. All bodies are also represented in the dance. Above all, it’s a good way to keep fit while having a good time.”

Aerobic dance physically allows you to:

  • Muscles are worked long and deep.
  • Improve your posture, stand up straight and proud.
  • Strengthening the capabilities of the heart.
  • Improve your flexibility.
  • Abdominal girth improvement.
  • Work on your format.
  • Improving the position of the head.
  • Improve blood circulation and general health.

It is therefore a very comprehensive activity that must be urgently included in your exercise routine.

  • Heart dance to reconnect with your body

The heart dance meets many followers, especially for its effect on the psyche. “Some hobbyists see this course as a stepping stone to dancing. Others come just to have fun and sweat. For some, this is a truly therapeutic activity,” says Rachel. It must be said that in addition to releasing endorphins Thus, in order to improve the mood, the heart dance helps to purify the head and toes work against stress.

It also gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our bodies. “It’s a group experience during which there is no judgment. In addition to the aspect of fitness, this discipline allows for true self-expression. You reconnect with yourself, accept your body, you own it, and you even feel aroused,” she says.

The heart dance also stirs our senses and stimulates the brain : “We work on memory, with a sequence of movements, a sense of rhythm and interpretation. We must not forget that dance remains an art.”

Is heart dancing for everyone?

The advantage of this activity is that it is very accessible. It is for everyone, even beginners. “You just have to have a little bit of cardio, because it stays strong. But other than that, everyone can do cardio. These are courses for all levels and teachers often adapt to them,” says Rachel.

Only one criterion is required: you want to move to music!

  • What are the contraindications of heart dance?

As with all sports activities, there are some physical contraindications especially in case of pregnancy or injury. It will be up to the health professional to assess whether or not you are able to continue this activity.

Where do you do the heart dance?

Another great advantage of the heart dance: it can be practiced everywhere. In your living room, with a video of influencer and sports coach Pamela Reeve for example. Or indoors with professionals.

You can also choose a course according to your musical prayers. Instead of 80s, 2000s, or even Latin music…there is something for everyone.

in the capital, Paris dance floor It offers two cardio dance classes: Cardio Pop Star (with dancers’ moves from music videos) and Cardio Flash Dance (sweating with fitness moves to music).

Otherwise, feel free to inquire at the gym nearest you, to see if they offer “cardio dance” classes.

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