Here are the 18 years named by the jury for the first Eure-et-Loir Business Awards

The three companies named by category are listed here in alphabetical order, not chronological order. With the publication of this list, a new stage begins to highlight the participants of the Eure-et-Loir Business Trophies Awards, organized by Republican Echo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This begins with shooting videos that, in the coming days, show the activities of these European companies.

In each category, the winner will be chosen by the audience on the evening of Tuesday 20 September at Chartrexpo.

Eure-et-Loir Business Awards: The jury has selected 18 nominees for the first edition

1) innovation

Beauty Mix. makeup. The young chartered engineer, Nellie Pete, created a homemade cosmetics manufacturing robot that, in barely four years, won women’s hearts in France and made him famous with the media. Last year, BeautyMix kicked off its European growth by entering Swiss stores and was voted Product of the Year. Its stainless steel tank, in which the ingredients are mixed, was made by famous industrialist Guy Degren.

BizLink Robotic Solutions France. medical robots. The secretive, but highly technological company BizLink, created within Jardin d’entreprises, in Chartres, is the world leader in patient locator proton therapy, which is related to the treatment of cancers, thanks to the Orion robot. Although the Chartres BizLink unit is part of an international group, its work remains exceptional due to the strong global competition in this sector.

BMG insures Hydrowa. Geometric precision. The small and medium-sized company sees its activity divided between the manufacture of mechanical parts, the manufacture of cylinders and safety nuts for the industry, and the manufacture of plastic cups for the cosmetic and perfume sector. With the help of Rowan University’s AMME Laboratory, the company is working to develop a bio-surrogate for the manufacture of these mugs.

2) digital

Charter Go Karting. entertainment. Thierry Piccoart is a European entrepreneur known for his social investments in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. Recently, it has made a 360 degree turn by engaging in the leisure activities sector. The electric karting project opened its doors in 2021. It is an indoor entertainment complex that includes a 420-meter electric karting track, certified in both directions. Online business. The adventure of Stéphane Berretti, in a rural company in Nottonville, specializing in the trade of curtains and blinds, is worthy of respect. The man took over such a small company that the market for departments and local authorities was in decline. With his innovative online sales strategy, he not only saved the company and its functions, but developed them, even internationally.

By road. Banners. Via Route was established in 2009 and is co-managed by Emilie Butelier. An expert in directional signs carrying out markings on the ground, supplying and installing road signs, in addition to street furniture. Via Route has created a web application for municipalities to better manage their signaling fleet. It is an online tool for monitoring maintenance of geo-selected road works.

3) Responsible business

Alban Muller International. makeup. Founded by Alban Muller in 1978, the company is a pillar of the competitive Valley Cosmetics group. The group, based in Fontenay-sur-Eure, moved to the English Croda International. Its distinction lies in its ability to mobilize its own research laboratories and production tools to manufacture calibrated and tested natural ingredients for cosmetic formulations. Alban Müller is the recipient of several national awards.

Expanscience Labs. Mustela. The Expanscience Group, best known for its Mustela brand, has been based in Epernon for more than 70 years. Having become the first dermatological pharmaceutical and cosmetic lab certified by B Corp (short for Benefit Corporation) in 2018, it has set itself ambitious goals over ten and twenty years to become a company with positive, regenerative impact. This is how Expanscience was certified as a “Company with a Mission” in 2021.

Novo Nordisk Productions. pharma. The Danish Basic Pharmaceutical Group, the world leader in the treatment of diabetes, has enjoyed a privileged European position since the 1960s. Novo Nordisk is Eure-et-Loir’s main private employer. He is also one of the main foreign investors in the territory. It continues to expand and update the charter website while strengthening its local social and environmental policy.

4) Ambassador of the region

Class France. agricultural machinery. It is a giant German company in the field of agricultural machinery that decided, in 2019, to focus its activities and establish its headquarters in France in Ymeray, in Eure-et-Loir. Less than 18 months later, a site called Technopôle Claas covers an area of ​​15 hectares and serves as the French headquarters for the group with its administrative, financial, marketing, technical support, logistics, spare parts and training functions. This campus is also home to both Claas Réseau Agricole and Claas Financial Services. It receives more than 350 people and 2500 interns each year.

Bielcia. Chips. It’s an extraordinary agri-food innovation that discreetly trumpeted, in Boisville-la-Saint-Père, in May 2016. Mathieu Maison established his business making “high-end” potato chips within the family farm. , near the potatoes – cultivation of the land. On his Etourville farm, he peels, cuts, chops, grades, cooks, drains, salts and sachets, initially alone, his new produce using state-of-the-art equipment. The quality confirms itself. Six years later, crunchy french fries are on the way to conquering Europe after hitting supermarket shelves.

Forwerk Simcoe. Thermomix. It is another German home equipment giant that stands out in this category. Vorwerk Semco has lived discreetly since the 1960s in Cloyes-les-Trois-Rivières, but the Thermomix food processor has made a name for itself all over the world. More than one million copies of Eure-et-Loir have been manufactured and distributed. The commercial peculiarity of Thermomix is ​​found in those distributors who are customer ambassadors who develop the product through the customer experience. More than 5,000 copies leave the European site every day.

5) Economic performance

Mouton Esmard. mirrors. Stephanie and Daniel Pique acquired the Mouton-Esmard factory of industrial mirrors in Saint-Lubin-des-Joncherets in 2017. At the time of the acquisition, the mirror factory had seven employees and generated annual sales of less than 630 thousand euros. Barely a year and a half later, the Lupine Mirror Factory employs 22 people and quadruples initial sales. It continues to invest in modern capacity and growth equipment while protecting its century-old experience in glass processing and processing. Finally, the company managed to diversify.

Agricultural comparison. Online trade. It is the only and first site, created in France, to negotiate grain products directly with farmers online. Biagri, owner of, was founded by two childhood friends from Dunes, Vincent Guilhem de Pothuau and Pierre-Antoine Foreau, in 2015. The company’s meteoric rise has led it to join the famous French Tech 120 rating, in 2020. He is part of the committee of the most promising young companies in France. In the same year, Biagri joined the Scael group.

TMFCT. industry. Stéphane Massonnat’s company, TMFCT, specializes in stainless steel tubes for the pharmaceutical industry and maintenance of tunnel ovens for industrial biscuit factories. Its turnover in 2009 was 1.9 million euros; Which was projected in June will be around 6.5 million euros and in 2023 the projected turnover will be 7.5 million euros. Exports increased from zero to 16% in 2021. TMFCT was sold in Europe, Israel, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia… In 2017, TMFCT acquired Technodif, a local manufacturer of ovens for bakeries and small industries. The Vernolitain industrial group is valued at €12 million in 2022.

6) Startups

click. Accounting. Established in 2021 by Abdelhai Bakkali and Pascal Fourbayer, Bonger is based in the incubator The Place by CCI28, in Chartres. The founders offer a digital application that combines all the services of an accountant and an online bank account. Click offers an all-in-one mobile application to make the financial management of their business within the reach of all independent VSE innovators.

the house of mr. Cooperat. The young team at startup Maison M breathes all their innovative creations into a one-of-a-kind lipstick that delivers any shade customized by its user. Practical and eco-friendly, the innovative and refillable case contains up to three custom shades so users can tackle all occasions in style. Maison M is located in the incubator of The Place by CCI28, in Chartres.

Minos. organisation. Menuz is an offline object that allows you to discover new recipes, create weekly menus and create shopping lists in a simple and fun way. Menuz is also a smart shopping list app created by Geraldine Portal. In 2017, the young woman met the director of The Place by CCI28, at that time, who encouraged her in this direction. Today, his product is in the launch stage.

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