Here is your horoscope for Monday, May 23, 2022: love, money, work, health …

What day should you expect emotionally, financially, or healthily? Check it out below with your full horoscope, sign by sign.

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Love: Maurice Chevalier sang: “In life, do not worry about it, do not worry about it, these little tragedies will be temporary, everything will work out …”. For you too, it will be a good day and you will enjoy life. Your mood and optimism will be communicative.

Work money: things will go your way. You will be able to achieve your goals, provided you put all your energy into them. That shouldn’t be a problem. You can rely only on yourself, everyone in your professional circle will have something to take care of! Now you do not attract the devil by your tail, but this is not a reason to waste your money. Instead, save money for a project close to your heart.

Health: Your spirits are high and you should not face any particular health issue. If you have chronic illnesses, they should leave you alone for a while. In short, you are in very good shape.

Mood: The horizon is clear.

Tip: Check today’s weather before choosing your clothes. You will avoid disappointment.

the Bull

Love: Love opens up unexpected horizons for you and you feel the power to move mountains. Get off the beaten track, without fear or apprehension.

Work for Money: It’s a good time to do what you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Don’t miss the chance to get things done. Take your courage in both hands, you can benefit from strong support.

Health: You need to decompress.

Mood: luck is smiling at you.

Tip: Leave your car or motorcycle in the garage whenever possible.


Love: Your dreams can come true if you give yourself the means. Let your spontaneity do the talking, and it will work in your favour. Don’t be afraid of bias.

Work for Money: With your practical spirit, you will find the solutions needed to run your business smoothly. You will live up to what your superiors expect of you.

Health: good resistance. You feel fine.

Mood: No problem in sight!

Tip: prepare yourself a good plate or treat yourself to a diner if you don’t like cooking.


Love: put your doubts aside, admit that it robs you of charm, be yourself. You don’t need tricks or hide behind words that are not yours to please.

Work money: your creativity will get you out of trouble, don’t stop at the visible obstacles. You’ll want to transform your everyday life and review some of the basics.

Health: Your liver will eventually rebel!

Mood: A challenging but stimulating day.

Tip: You definitely have better things to do than spend your time in front of the TV on the way home!


Love: As a family, you will be willing to share more things. Your relationship with your lover will be inflamed. You can not do without each other! Single, to find love, broaden your horizons, try your luck on dating sites! But choose them well.

Business money: it won’t stay where you are. You will need to start a new project, a new activity. You’ll think about asking for some kind of bonus, taking on a new job, or playing a game of chance. Enjoy it, luck will be with you.

Health: Care should be taken to minimize the causes of stress. You will feel tired.

Mood: A very dynamic day.

Tip: Just because you have a head full of projects doesn’t mean everyone will follow you!


Love: As a family today won’t be easy but you expected it. It’s time to put things right. You probably won’t have time to contact the Family Council but the call should be re-established as quickly as possible, and everyone should be able to express their point of view.

Business Money: You will be challenged to assess your skills and responsiveness. You’ll feel like you’re in a sexy seat, but trust yourself and you’ll be fine. Some projects will have to wait for a better time to see the light of day, the state of your finances is not stable enough at the moment.

Health: Your resistance to fatigue will be much better but you will live a little on nerves. You will have to find a way to let off steam to prevent your energy from turning aggressive.

Mood: It’s going to be a busy day.

Tip: You plan to do a lot to make up for some of the shortcomings. Slower!


Love: Listen to what your loved one is saying and make an effort to adapt to their desires. As soon as something is asked, do not disappoint those who love you.

Work money: A few small changes can destabilize you. Don’t let useless mood swings overwhelm you, which could put you in an awkward position.

Health: Watch out on the road.

Mood: A very normal day.

Tip: be careful, do not let yourself be distracted by the radio or music, you may make mistakes.

The scorpion

Love: As a couple, your partner shows his love for you day in and day out. If these small interests fill you at first, you will quickly feel suffocated by these extra good vibes.

Business money: You will likely be lured by new projects. If you don’t feel capable, don’t accept heavy responsibilities. You know your limits.

Health: Potential for stomach upset.

Mood: An upsetting day in some ways.

Tip: wear colors that cheer or motivate you! Avoid gray.


Love: Your partner can show you a side of his personality that you didn’t know yet. However, it is not certain that you will like it more. If you are hoping to find true love, this day will probably be disappointing even if it was pleasant.

Work money: Today, you will only be able to act in accordance with a colleague or partner and waiting for his goodwill will not be something that really pleases you. There is no need to become tyrannical, however, a simple call to command should be enough to restore some competence.

Health: Your tone will be rough. Don’t abuse coffee in the hope of restoring energy. Instead, have a mid-morning or afternoon snack. Above all, you need a good night’s sleep.

Mood: There are days when nothing goes!

Tip: You need to beautify your home a little. Buy a green or flowering plant that brings color into your life.


Love: single, you will be looking for easy and instant pleasures. You will be hesitant to invest in a relationship and even less of a commitment. If you are in a relationship, your strict attitude will not be compatible with life as a couple.

Business Money: Beware! You can make enemies by being very loyal. Honesty is a great advantage, but in a professional environment, you don’t feel compelled to say everything you think. There may be a certain hypocrisy so as not to alienate your colleagues.

Health: You must take a course of vitamins or trace elements to maintain shape. For some time you have tended to push your limits and not listen enough to your body. Now is the time to take charge.

Mood: Mindfulness is key.

Tip: Be persistent. For example: Never start smoking again on the pretext that you gained a few pounds!


Love: you will know how to convince your partner of the merits of your projects, even the most unusual. To believe that your better half really wants to do their part to please you.

Work money: Your efficiency will allow you to outdo yourself. We get to the bottom of things. You will be able to understand things and you will make amazing progress today.

Health: You are very impulsive.

Mood: You have the wind in your sails.

Tip: You need fresh air and exercise. Dreaming of a weekend in the countryside! A dream costs nothing.


Love: Your life as a married couple will be magical. You will be on the same wavelength as your partner and share the perfect moments. Single, don’t be shy! Feel free to express your feelings.

Money for work: an astral climate is suitable for you, and your career will be carefree. Communication will be facilitated and information will flow well. Now is the time to sign contracts. If you’re starting to plan your next vacation, start by setting a budget that you can’t go beyond.

Health: Your stress level decreases. You will be able to relax and sleep deeply, which has not happened to you for some time.

Mood: Everything is going well today.

Tip: It’s time to get rid of all that spoils the cupboards, the cupboards!

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