“He’s more complete than me at the same age,” Lisandro Olmita, goalkeeper for Blueberries, said by his father.

Lisandro Olmita, son of Pascal, will play in the final of the European Under-17 Championship for Les Bleuets against the Netherlands on Wednesday (6pm). At the age of 16, his father described the goalkeeper, based at the AS Monaco training centre, as “perhaps more complete” than he was at his age. Between an obvious flair for risk and a resemblance to Fabien Barthez, portrait of a young man who could quickly make a name for himself.

“You don’t make a racehorse out of a donkey. He has this in his genes.” From the outset, Pascal Olmita proclaimed the color: Yes, a son can suffer the same mistakes as his father, a taste that is sometimes too obvious for risk and wonderful rides far from his cages. The comparison with the donkey will stop there. Because at the age of 16 (he will turn 17 in July), Lisandro Olmita is already considered one of the best members of his generation, with which he will try to win the Euro U17 Championship on Wednesday against the Netherlands in Israel, at Netenya Stadium (6pm).

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In the Bleuets jersey, alongside El Chadaille Bitshiabu (PSG), Mathys Tel (Rennes) and Mamadou Sarr (Lyon), the young gatekeeper from Monaco shone in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, stopping each time with a shot on goal to allow his team to move to the Tour next. All under the eyes of a dazed father in front of his television set. “I had the worst penalty shootout in the European Cup final (In the 1991 UEFA Champions League Final against Belgrade with OM, he failed to block any attempt, editor’s noteAnd every time I live these moments, believe me I lose pounds! ”, Pascal Olmita told us, a few hours after boarding the plane to Israel, where he will attend the final for his son.

Lisandro Olmita celebrates with a shot on goal in the Euro U17 semi-final against Portugal
Lisandro Olmita celebrates with a shot on goal in the UEFA European Under-17 Championship semi-final against Portugal. © AFP

After his experience at OM, he chose Monaco…to his father’s surprise

In 2020, Lisandro Olmita left Corsica, his native island, to plunge into the continent. At the time, he was particularly followed by OM, his father’s former club. But he finally chose to run on the rock. “We were going to Marseille when Monaco called him, and Pascal Olmita returned. He was the one who chose, not the father. He was the one who said, ‘I want to go to Monaco.’ He did three trials in Marseille, I think the fourth thing was to show him. A decade as he was in Monaco. I was convinced he would prefer Marseille…”

Finally, the young man chose the ASM training center, where he studied until he caught the attention of Jose Alcocer, coach of the France U17 team. Among the young French shooters, he regularly competes with Guillaume Restes, outperforming the Toulouse FC U19 team. But an injury to the Haut-Garonne goalkeeper, described by Pascal Olmita as “perhaps a little more complete”, propelled him to the top of the pyramid.

“He doesn’t have the same personality as me today, but he knows what he wants. If you take him as an idiot, you will lose!”

Being a “son”, what is more when one develops in the same position as his father, necessarily leads to many comparisons. Lisandro is only 16 years old, but Pascal’s shadow still haunts him. “I will reassure all the chiefs… I have never called a club before, I do not take care of my son’s career, I do not talk to him about the ball, I send off the football goalkeeper and the former OM goalkeeper. OL. He is the son of Pascal Olmita because he can be anyone’s son. Not because I was a goalkeeper we should be compared. He makes his life and says it well: ‘I am not a son.’ And that makes me happy. There will always be this evil and this jealousy which means that if one day he passes, he will take it in the mouth.”

Especially since his father, besides risking the ball at his feet, portrays the young Monaco goalkeeper as “calm and calm”. Therefore, far from the volcanic and colorful character of the latter. “After that, he’s only 16. He doesn’t have the same personality as me today, but he knows what he wants. If you take him as an idiot, you’ll lose! I’m not afraid to go to coals, we meet about that. The main thing is not to be afraid when Be a goalkeeper.

Similarities with… Fabian Barthez

From a purely spherical point of view, Pascal Olmita advances by saying that Lisandro is probably better than him at the same age. “He has two legs, I barely have one, the other was to hold the car,” laughs Dream Team RMC Sport member. He has that clearing power in his arm. He’s probably more complete than me at the same age. But there’s still a long way to go. What could he improve? Maybe moments In the match where he is elsewhere. It reminds me of Fabien Barthez, and I’m happy. I think that’s what will be his strength later on.” Like what, when we talk about Lisandro Olmita, one former OM goalkeeper could hide another.

Felix Gabori RMC Sport journalist

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