High V: Where to find silver ore

Dark Silver is the rarest mineral in V Rising, and like the other minerals in the game, it is mainly obtained through mining and smelting silver ore. Dark Silver can be used to craft Dark Silver weapons, one of the most powerful weapons in V Rising. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find silver ore and how to mine it.

How to get silver ore in V Rising

Silver ore, like iron ore, requires the unforgiving mass of copper to harvest. Before you can craft it, you need the Unforgiving Weapons Research Book. It can be obtained in two ways.

Your first option is to get lucky with the search office. You can learn a random technique in the office for 50 sheets of paper and you will likely get the necessary research book. Using the Rising Desk can be a bit daunting, but you’ll learn many other techniques along the way that may be useful in other aspects of V Rising.

Your second option is to get the book from an enemy point. Your best bet is to look for Clive the Firestarter at the Brimstone Quarry for bandits (the site listed above). The Level 30 boss will most likely give up on this book. It’s not guaranteed to fall, although it’s definitely worth a try, and you’ll still need to kill it to get the silver ore.

Once you have the quest book, the Ruthless Copper Scepter can be made using:

How to transport silver ore without getting damaged

Something to note before looking for silver ore is how to avoid getting damaged while carrying it. You are a vampire, so it is only natural for money to hurt you in all its forms. But there are ways to overcome it. For this you will have to prepare injections or potions of silver resistance.

These drinks and potions can be produced on the alchemy table, which will get their blueprint after defeating Clive. It requires 100 blood essences, 12 matches, and 16 tablets to build. From there, you can produce Silver Resistance drinks with the following ingredients:

Silver infusion resistance

  • Effects: Increases silver resistance by 15 for 20 minutes.
    • 20 snowflakes.
    • 1 bottle filled with water.

Silver infusion resistance

  • Silver increases resistance by 50 for 20 minutes.
    • 32 ghost mushrooms.
    • 1 bottle filled with water.

The recipe for the last brew is obtained by defeating Raziel the Shepherd, a level 60 chieftain located in Donnelly Abbey, shown below.

You’ll want to be well stocked with drinks and potions before you set foot in mine, the more money you carry, the more damage you’ll do. It also helps if you go with friends, as you can distribute silver ore among the crew.

Where do you find silver ore?

The sacred silver mines, located in the northwest corner of the map in Silverlight Hills, are the best place for mining. Silver ore knots can be found in the mounds themselves, but they are less common from within the mine.

The mine is heavily protected on the inside by 60+ level enemies, so lower level players may want to wait to venture inside until they are better equipped.

Once inside the cave, watch for dark ore nodes along the paths. Silver ore does not differ much in color from rock faces, so be precise when searching. Once you find a knot, collect it using the ruthless copper wand.

Unlike iron ore, this ore cannot be smelted directly into ingots. Instead, you’ll need another item before you can craft Dark Silver: Scourgestone, which can be cultivated by killing enemies.

The ancient villages of the Cursed Forest, along with the Church of the Damned, are the three best farming options. These areas are highlighted below (the church is the southernmost of the three).

To make your own dark silver ingot, put 20 silver ore and 1 skeggstone in your furnace to get 1 ingot. If you want to learn more about V Rising, be sure to check out our other tips in our V Rising Guide Center!

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