How Brussels is making the car less democratic

The following Euro7 standard explains “a thermal car is just as expensive as an electric car” Challenges Vincent Cope, Director of Citroën. “Euro 7 is likely to significantly increase the cost of vehicles,” relays Jean-Philippe Imbrato, the new president of Alfa Romeo (Stellantis) and former director of Peugeot. It would be “an extra 1,000 euros,” in the words of Gilles Le Bourne, Renault’s director of engineering. “As it is, the Euro 7 standard goes beyond the simple rules of physics! It will simply make it impossible to continue to manufacture thermoelectric cars,” Carlos Tavares said a year ago in an interview. figaro.

The Stellantis General Manager specified: “We cannot be content with waving the red flag of the necessity of global warming and the destruction of the industry precisely on which we depend to combat it!” The requirements “will lead to an increase in the price of vehicles by up to 30% in the case of entry-level vehicles,” assures the PFA (Automotive Platform) on its part. Moreover, the niche of compact cars with small prices has largely disappeared in recent years. Production of the Opel Karl, Ford Ka, Citroën C1 and Peugeot 108 has been discontinued. Recently, Luca de Meo, General Manager of Renault, confirmed that “Renault Twingo will not be replaced.” Only Dacia Sandero and Fiat Panda are still fighting back.

Judgment on July 20

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