How did the company revolutionize the sector?

Nowadays, it has become very easy to deliver pizza or burgers to your home. Whatever type of food you would like to order, it can be delivered in less than an hour. In fact, home delivery is booming, with the emergence of practical services like Uber Eats. Besides, there is no fast growing delivery service in the world like this one. Uber Eats is very popular, achieving unprecedented success and has a promising future. This service is also available since November 2016 in Lyon. How did this company manage to innovate the sector?

Uber Eats: An unexpected success

Initially, Uber’s main goal was to provide a file Car sharing service To help people on their travels. Since then, it has evolved greatly.

Uber is now more than just a ride-sharing company. In fact, people who want to eat a meal in the late hours and who cannot receive their orders can have their orders delivered to their homes. Thus, it is possible to report issues with orders or obtain more information about customer service through specialized platforms.

It must be said that Uber Eats has never been as popular as it is today. The idea was born in 2014, when the company launched a lunch and dinner delivery service in California: Uber Fresh. In 2015, the concept of Uber Eats officially saw the light of day when managers realized they could tap into a larger market by expanding the choice of dining establishments.

If Uber Eats can be a hit, it’s partly because Change in consumer behavior. In fact, more and more people prefer ordering and delivery rather than cooking meals or going to restaurants. It must be said that meal delivery is practical because it saves time.

Uber eats the delivery sector

What about the status of courier on Uber Eats?

According to Les Échos, there are just over 50,000 Uber Eats delivery workers in France. The home meal delivery service is currently highly developed in all major cities of France. In fact, many people are interested in working for Uber Eats full-time or part-time. The big advantage here is that the company offers a Great freedom for her couriersEspecially with regard to working hours. Consequently, the independence and independence of this profession is increasing number of people who are tempted by independence.

The task of the courier in Uber Eats is to receive an order from a restaurant and deliver it to the indicated address. The courier closest to the place of delivery will be alerted to receive the respective meal. In return, Uber pays him for the race. This will also be displayed before the delivery is accepted.

Conditions for becoming an Uber Eats delivery employee

Delivery with Uber Eats is relatively simple, but it is necessary to respect some conditions:

  • to be a small entrepreneur,
  • to be oldAnd
  • You have an Android or IOS smartphone with 4G connectivity,
  • owning a means of transportation: a car, a motorcycle, a bicycle, etc.,
  • Clean criminal record for major French cities.

Uber Eats delivery person status

As we said above, you must necessarily To be registered in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) Because delivery is a business. To do this, you have the choice between different situations: self-entrepreneur, sole proprietorship, company …

Small Entrepreneur Mode

You should know that delivery workers are not Uber Eats employees, but rather service providers. This is why they should have their own business.

To set up a small business, you must generate annual sales not exceeding €70,000 excluding taxes. The courier will then be subject to the Small Business Tax System. In addition, its sales will be taxed in the progressive measure of income tax after a 34% reduction. Contributions will be estimated as a percentage of the turnover. The great advantage of this mode lies in the simplified accounting. The deliverer will simply have to keep a recipe book and purchase ledger.

Sole Proprietorship

Carriers who bypass the boundaries of small enterprises automatically switch to the sole proprietorship system. They will then be subject to Self-employed system The contributions will be based on the professional income taken into account for the tax calculation.

It should be clarified that sole proprietorship and small business expose the Uber Eats courier to unlimited liability. To circumvent this limit, it is possible to opt for a sole proprietorship with limited liability.

Uber eats delivery case

the society

It is also possible to set up a company to act as a courier for Uber Eats. In this sense, you have the choice between SASU (Simplified Joint Stock Company for a Single Person) and EURL (Individual Limited Liability Company). The great advantage of these laws is that they allow you to expand your business. In other words, it will be possible to bring in other contacts and build a network.

A concept that has succeeded in convincing consumers

Uber Eats scores well on the App Store and Google Play. Thus, we are seeing an increase in sales from August 2017 to February 2018, through a Rapid expansion in major cities And cooperation with some giant companies such as McDonald’s. These actions greatly helped the company catch up with industry leaders. Moreover, if the company is able to achieve success so quickly, it is thanks to the many advantages of its services.

Firstly, there is no minimum order amount, unlike other services that charge a minimum of 10 or 20 euros. After that, the latter requires a service fee in addition to this minimum system imposed. With Uber Eats, regardless of the order amount, the customer can have it delivered anywhere for a fixed fee. Moreover, it happens that the company offers discounts or free deliveries under certain conditions.

Still, in light of this dynamic, the company has set itself the challenge of delivering meals in record time. Thanks to this promise, consumers now have a solution to lost time in transportation and waiting in restaurants.

Also, it is not the restaurants that are responsible for paying for delivery, but the customers. Therefore, restaurant owners will not have to hire delivery people and make huge investments to build a fleet of delivery vehicles.

Uber Eats also owes its success to Its network of partner restaurants. In fact, the larger it is, the longer the offerings will last, giving customers more choices. However, restaurants go through a rigorous selection process before joining this network. To date, the number of partner restaurants in the city of Lyon is at least 1,000.

Uber eats success

Uber Eats: Success Accelerated by the Magic of AI

Uber Eats is built around it Data collected by Uber root. Thus, the two share an extensive database, which allows them to access the context of Uber as a whole. Since the company has already invested heavily in its market, based on data from 10 years of aggregation, it relies on this well-established infrastructure.

It’s actually a good way to improve the organization of the company, both in terms of serving meals and transporting people. Make the use of this data possibleProviding solutions to many common problems in the delivery industry. So this is one of the keys to Uber’s success.

In terms of delivery time, Uber Eats makes great efforts to find a suitable solution, while ensuring that delivery times are shorter than those of other services. It is a multi-step process, supported by software that separates the different data points: the load of the restaurant, the preparation time for a particular order, the match between the preparation time and the assembly time … Thanks to the use of all this data, the meals arrive at the customers hot, as quickly as possible.

Finally, data exploitation is also useful for Uber Eats in the context of choosing restaurants to integrate into its system. In fact, demographic data analysis It allows you to identify the areas that require better coverage as well as the institutions that will best serve the area.

Finally, with its app, Uber Eats presents itself as a practical solution for consumers. From their smartphone, they can access hundreds of restaurants, depending on their geographical location. All they have to do is swipe the screen to find the dish they are looking for. The search option allows you to perform a precise and targeted search to get the list of institutions that offer a particular specialty.

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