How do you create a car wash business plan?

Introduced the team and the emergence of the laundry center project

A project that is best drafted led by the wrong person will have a hard time being sustainable, and therefore in obtaining funding. In the same way that franchisors first sign with an individual, a franchise agreement is said intuitive personalityAnd Bankers and private investors provide financial support to the project leader before the project.

This is why the first part of the file Business plan for a car wash station As with any other activity, it is always a presentation of the team and the genesis of the project.

However, this view does not necessarily follow a pre-determined framework and is based on Profile personly And a trip for each project leader. For example, if you have a strong background in management and administration, it is obvious that it should be brought up. On the other hand, if you do not have a diploma but have solid experience in managing a profit center and management, then this is what you should highlight. Note: The car wash center requires first of all Leadership and leadership skillsbut also in the sales team.

If you are setting up a multi-person company, each partner should be introduced following the same logic and you should explain the distribution of tasks: who handles the business aspects and why? Who takes over the administrative and financial management and why? etc.

Finally, you should also explain the genesis of the project. What prompted you to open a car wash station? Why this sector?

This part also serves as a transitional stage to present the next part, which is related to the presentation of the market study.

View Market Study

If the project leader is important, it seems clear that market potential is also important. The investor is supposed to recoup his investment, assuming a market strong enough to allow a new company to develop in a sustainable manner.

This offer is formarket study So it happens in two steps : first and foremostThe general state of the marketwhich displays the main trends, thenlocal market researchdetailing market characteristics in the catchment area.

For example, with regard to car wash stations, a 2017 study by Ifop revealed that 78% of motorists chose to have their car washed at a station or by a specialist. This data should be compared with the number of vehicles in circulation in France, which is more than 40 million.

You can also specify the average basket (between €6 and €15 for 52% of French), the frequency of washing (twice a year for 84% of respondents), etc. It is also important to provide the regulations governing the activity. This is to expose the existing levers and brakes and to explain the economic model, financial forecasts, marketing and communication strategy. However, you should be aware that this general state of the car wash market must be provided by your chosen franchise: it is one of his obligations.

However, what falls directly within your responsibilities as a project leader is local market research. Number of vehicles in your aggregation area, number of households and average number of vehicles per household, list and SWOT analyzes of competitors present in your aggregation area, etc.

The objective of these two market studies is toEvaluate your car wash capabilities in the future. This data will be used to determine the expected turnover on the one hand, but also to justify your marketing and communication strategy.

Expose your marketing and communication strategy

Marketing position (low, mid-range, high-grade), Customs positioning (which will depend in part on marketing positioning but also on the amounts consumers are willing to spend for the services provided), Brand image (serious, quirky, friendly, observant, etc.), communications channels (social networks, 4×3 boards, radio, local TV, paper press, etc.), business strategy (loyalty and/or sponsorship system, promotional and commercial operations, etc.), etc. : All aspects of the future management of your car wash should be addressed in your business plan. This is to demonstrate to investors that you know where you are going, that you have thought about all the elements that matter to your business.

The great advantage, if you Create your car wash as a franchise, is that this part is provided directly by the head of the network. In fact, in a franchise, you choose a concept that has already been developed and can be reproduced: it is not you who decides the marketing position, pricing or brand image. The only thing you can keep in control of is local communication.

Explanation of the economic model and financial forecasts

What portion of your sales volume is made to sales to individuals? What is the sales segment for professionals? If you open a stationary car washer, what is the share of the rotation of the vacuum cleaners? brushes? High pressure planes? Do customers pay by the minute? in the package? Do they pay the exact amount by credit card or coins or do they have to buy a prepaid card (or tokens) that can be used for multiple washes? How many customers visit your laundry center every day, every week, every month?

What is your payroll? Is the station stand-alone or does it include a staff member on site to welcome and advise customers and ensure that the station is maintained? What is the cost of each service? What rent? What are the taxes related to waste water disposal? Taxes related to advertising (car washes include many premise signs subject to municipal taxes)? What are the costs of mandatory installation compliance checks?

These elements make up The basis of your business model. In other words: how to make money, what is yours revenue structure How do you spend it what is yours cost structure. This economical model, in franchising, is highly dependent on the brand you have chosen and the model you are reproducing, precisely.

Second, once all of these are explained, you will be able to coordinate them, also on the basis of data from your own local market research, into financial forecast.

Although car wash franchises generally support franchisees in preparing these forecasts (because they have data from other points of sale in the network to help you with these procedures), it is necessary above all to be accompanied by a chartered accountant to prepare these forecasts tables.

Financing Plan, Interim Cash Flow Plan for the First Year, Interim Balance Sheet and Income Statements for the First 3 Years: You prepare and submit all items in this part of your business plan Financial data Investors need to analyze your project.

Write the executive summary

Finally, once all parts are done Business plan for washing your carYou have to write, in a few lines, a Operational summary, kind of pitch, synthetic and hyper-hitting, you’d put it in the header of your document. Its mission: to make your project readable at a glance and make you want to know more. It should not exceed one page (500 words).

You now know how to make a car wash business plan. If you do not yet know which brand to embark on the adventure, consider consulting our articles on the question:

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