How do you reconcile profitability and marketing sustainability? Our Agency’s Futures Conference 2022 Report

the introduction
The perpetrators must be held accountable

Marketing players are facing a shift in marketing uses and investments towards digital and strong consumer pressure associated with CSR. Crises — Covid-19, the macroeconomic effects of the war in Ukraine, and inflation — are accelerating underlying trends, such as the evolution of e-commerce, business turnover, the difficulty of recruiting certain expertise, and, more broadly, the evaluation of marketing. . This should prompt agencies to shift further, particularly towards e-commerce and data related activities, and to redevelop their attractiveness. But a fair evaluation of their services in France remains a problem: agencies are calling on brands to raise awareness of this point, at the risk of impoverishing the entire value chain and ultimately harming marketing performance.

Gautier Picquet (Publicis and Udecam): “Let us dare to lay everything flat”

Introducing the conference, Gauthier Pique, Director of Operations at Publicis France and CEO of Publicis Media, who is also Udecam President, emphasized the urgency of changing advertisers’ view of agencies, noting that agency wages are decreasing while consulting firms’ wages remain flat for services. Comparable: “The sustainability of agencies is established; advertising is beneficial to society and accompanies economic progress. Thus the usefulness of agencies is not in doubt. Global results for agencies are good, but they are lower in France”, emphasized the Udecam President.

“I am concerned about the fragility of France’s ecosystem,” he stressed. The Covid crisis was reeling. The market may suggest that we are all growing, but in reality, we have a major monetization imbalance, with “always cheaper, always faster. More than ever in size, forever lower in value and respect. We noticed the scissors effect,” targeting here contradictory expectations. For advertisers clients.

“We are concerned about protecting individuals. We work on the meaning of our jobs, but our economic model suffers. Our profession is good for society and the economy, but let us open our eyes: we are more fragile than ever, then Gauthier-Pique warned. The pressure increases and organizations become more complex, we all experience this schizophrenia! We dare not say anything else. Everyone knows what happens on the networks, but we turn our heads, we wait for it to pass, but in fact we all go through the same thing. The benefit of the agencies is real, but what is important is the collective awakening, reconciliation and reconciliation of sustainability and profitability for all. Let us dare to lay everything flat, asked Gauthier-Pique.

futures agency

Agency Futures is a global system offered by Mind Media to understand the transformations in the telecom sector. It is accessible by annual subscription and gives access to the media publication mind (website, database, daily summary, weekly PDF letter, special editions), to the six sessions of the dedicated club and to the annual Agency Futures conference.

The next Agency Futures Club session will take place on June 30th online. To find out more, test our content and select the right device for you, contact Maria de Lima

Agencies, Management: How to Recreate Value

Lionel Kony, CEO of digital agency Insign, and Luc Fignon, DGA responsible for the digital transformation of the unified management of PQR 366, also pointed out the behavior of brands, but also the paradoxes of the sector, which seem to be aware of the problems (lack of collaboration, transparency, etc.)

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