How do you work in a beauty institute? Everything you need to know to showcase your skills!

In France, the cosmetology market includes more than ten thousand cosmetology institutes. About 75% of service providers are independent professionals. More than 40% of French women regularly use the services of a cosmetologist at home. With several thousand jobs expected by 2030, this sector promises good inclusion for those with vocational training. Here’s everything you need to know about working in a beauty salon.

Training is the starting point for becoming a makeup artist, cosmetologist or cosmetologist in a cosmetology institute. We recommend aesthetic capbecause it is acquired quickly (1 year of training) and offers many professional possibilities.

Why should you pass the Aesthetic CAP?

In order to master and practice the technique of permanent makeup, you must have a state-recognised diploma or justify a professional qualification certificate. The Aesthetic CAP is ideal for developing your skills and learning the techniques required in this sector of activity.

Training completed in cosmetology, cosmetics and perfumery. Adapts to each participant’s profile to help them deliver Hand and face care. By passing the Aesthetic CAP to become a makeup artist, you develop the skills to apply makeup to your clients as per their requirements. Moreover, this preparation for cosmetology professions is not limited to techniques aimed at improving the face. You learn to:

  • mastering established hygiene rules,
  • Welcoming, advising and selling products to a large number of clients,
  • Performing manicure and pedicure techniques…

Therefore Aesthetic CAP is the solution we recommend if you want to make a Professional retraining in this field.

What additional training is available to you?

Any online aesthetic training to choose a cosmetology institute

The main objective of aesthetic training is to prepare participants for the CAP Aesthetic Exam. You can take advantage of this opportunity to improve professional makeup. Choose course units for future makeup artists to learn how to do natural and sophisticated makeup. We suggest this additional training for people who want to work in the field of entertainment and fashion.

Are you interested in a career nail technician ? Orient yourself towards training focused on manicures, pedicures and nail art. Also, study skills in shaving, grooming, and beard maintenance if you want to work in a barbershop.

How to work in a beauty salon in Paris France Online training cap esthetique

The first point to consider before choosing an Aesthetic CAP training is the type of learning you want to receive. by choosing Online unitsYou can learn at your own pace. However, make sure that the training platform provides all the courses you need to prepare for the exam. The best online learning sites offer modules in multiple formats (videos, PDFs, tests, etc.) to allow learners to consolidate their knowledge.

The second important parameter in choosing CAP aesthetic training is support quality. Having professionals from the cosmetology sector is essential to oversee your learning. They should also be available to address your concerns and correct your mistakes.

Finally, the Training Financing very important. We suggest that you choose the modules that are fully supported by your CPF account. Thus you benefit from free, good quality and complete professional training to become a beautician.

How to get a beauty salon business

Working in a beauty salon requires personal qualities, artistic sensitivity, and business skills that must be considered before starting.

Feeling connected and innovative

To work in the cosmetics and perfume sector, you must be a good listener and have sense of connection. The goal is to create an intimate and warm atmosphere to let your customers have a good time. To retain your customers and stand out from the competition, you must update your offering and knowledge. Keep up to date with the latest trends, technologies and products to get there.

Precision and delicacy

It involves treating the body and face with different devices and techniques dexterity. Beauty professionals must be gentle and skillful in order to ensure the well-being of their clients. Great openness is also necessary to adapt to the needs of each type of customer.

Impeccable hygiene

As a beautician, make-up artist or nail technician, you should make it a point of honour take care of your appearance. Cosmetologists are required to be good-looking and to have perfect hygiene. In addition to customer well-being, this quality is essential to reflect a good image of your organization.

Choose a job that matches your profile

How to get a beauty salon work cap

After an aesthetic CAP procedure, many careers are available to you. Therefore, it is essential to choose the job that matches your career goals.

Become a beautician in an institute

cosmetology profession orcosmetic It is the most famous in the field of cosmetology. To embark on this path, you must master the various aesthetic therapies completely and show remarkable versatility. Professionals in this sector must also be able to perform diagnostics in order to tailor their services to the needs of each client.

Work in a spa or hydrotherapy

A qualified beautician can also provide her services at a spa, thalasso or hotel. You can turn to other health and beauty sectors such as health massage and hydrotherapy. One of the options available to you is a careerhydrotreating agent Inside a spa treatment.

How to work in a beauty salon abroad as a spa agent

Create a beauty and care business

You can conduct a cosmetology business in your own name as a sole proprietorship or set up a commercial company. Choose your legal status taking into account the number of partners, the tax system on profits, the manager’s social system, etc.

The Create a Sole Proprietorship It simply includes a form and some supporting documents. On the other hand, to create a company, you must draft the articles of association, make capital contributions, publish a legal declaration… If you choose this solution, we recommend that you be accompanied by a chartered accountant.

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