How is customer reinsurance created?, Marketing and Sales

Competition has never been so difficult on the Internet. En croissance de 12% par rapport à 2020, le nombre de sites d’e-commerce actifs in France a dépassé la barre des 177.000 l’an dernier, d’après la Fevad (Fédération de l’e-commerce et de la vente from afar). How can a pure new player emerge and win over netizens in such a crowded landscape?

“Customers are asking more and more. Sebastien Tortue, Brand Strategy Consultant and author of DNVB, (The New) in Commerce, explains that brands, even very small ones, must now offer ultra-luxury service. Because large trading platforms have strike power, With significant finances, entering the market is difficult and expensive for DNVBs.

He believes that “the key is customer reinsurance”. The first lever: transparency. Many young brands choose their creators in the foreground. “If a brand founder appears, and tells a story, it creates an emotional connection with Internet users.”

Quality and traceability

Upon its launch in 2015, Tidebur, approached the family market with a different strategy. The young DNVB did not play the proximity card with the netizen, but rather put it at the heart of his model. “Because the average shopping cart for buying a mattress is high, we have removed all stress areas in the customer journey by offering the simplest and most flexible experience possible,” testifies Aude du Colombier, co-founder of the startup. Reaches.

First, to facilitate the selection by offering a short selection of high-quality items. Products made in France or in Europe. “We do not have a factory but long-time industrial partners, and therefore we guarantee the traceability of the quality. »

After-sales service with small onions

Another key ingredient, a transparent pricing policy. “We are the only player in the market that has never seen sales or disposal of inventory,” she continues. “We are a responsible company that does not want to create consumer emergencies. Our customers are very sensitive to it.”

The young brand also focused on Quality after-sales service. Fast, free delivery and 100 days trial. “We have a return policy that does not discourage the customer. A simple phone call is enough to make an appointment and find a suitable place. »The customer does not incur any costs. “With a rate of return of 4%, we have a fairly large shortfall,” admits Aude du Colombier. But efforts The brand is paying off.

Since its inception, Tediber has shipped 200,000 mattresses and achieved a turnover of nearly 50 million euros last year. Success can also be explained by recommendation From which 20% of sales are achieved. “A trusted third party is essential. Internet users, of course, through Verified Reviews. But also UGC (“User Generated Content”), which is customer-generated content, for example on social networks, proving that Internet users buy and are happy. All platforms combined, Tediber has managed to collect 50,000 reviews since its inception.

Bet on a high-quality image

Launched by goldsmith Hugo Aquet in the year 2019 LuckyOne Choose another strategy to attract customers: create trust by building a high-end image that positions the brand in the luxury segment. ” The Trademarks It is a strong trend in the jewelry sector. “Consumer tends to be brand oriented,” Hugo Aquette says.

The Spoon Show website provides all the information about the stones, their source and warranty certificate. Home sets the tone. The eye is immediately on the brand’s address, the Champs Elysees, and on a direct phone number for access to Lucky One. The brand also offers live chat.

” The Customer service Central command, Hugo Aquette insists. It is necessary to double the entries – social networks, live chat, emails – to allow the customer to choose the point of contact. Requests must be processed immediately. If the user waits 2 days for their email to be answered, they have moved on. In Tediber as in Lucky One, customer service is assimilated. “We don’t view it as a cost center but as a critical asset because it is a valuable source of information for other departments,” Sebastian Tortue explains.

secure payment

Another lever: Payment terminals: which solution to choose? . suggest Payment systems Such as Visa, MasterCard, Stripe and PayPal reassure internet users. And if the basket is high, how do we overcome the reluctance? “Consumers are willing to pay more if they have the payment facility. Split payment increases the conversion rate,” says Hugo Acket.

The company launched Shop Now Pay Later last fall. The consumer can return the jewelry without incurring any costs. “At first, we were cautious,” he continues. Then after heated discussions internally, we decided to present it to the clients. “Evaluation? A nearly 30% drop in cart abandonment and a near zero rate of return.

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