How is parental control configured?

As for Amazon, Disney+, and Prime, here’s the ultimate guide to setting up parental controls on SVOD platforms and protecting your kids from content that isn’t intended for them.

On SVOD platforms, children’s actions are numerous. Whether it is anime series, teen movies, or even family movies, there are plenty of opportunities for entertainment. However, before opening the doors of the platform to your children, it is advisable to adopt some basic reflexes.

Realizing that their users are concerned with the well-being of their children, the companies have developed rather effective parental control systems. Here is an overview of the features offered by Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video.

Netflix: Child account for children under 12

To set your kids’ access to the platform, everything happens on the profile interface when you open the app. It is these profiles that will allow you to restrict access to certain content, often content that is inappropriate for their age.

just choose Add a profile And give it a name. Then select Child Mode. It is very well known because it has a golden emblem “youths”. Choose “Complete”And voila!

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Then, by going to the account settings, you can adjust the age over time. Note that if there’s a movie or series that falls under the Accessible Products category, but you absolutely don’t want your child to watch, it can be added to the Restrictions at the bottom of the screen.

What is the Netflix Kids experience?

Child profile gives access to a simplified interface and does not allow direct access to account settings. The child will only be able to read the series and movies selected by the platform according to his age. Games are not available there.

You can also disable next episode playback and previews while browsing on all devices. Great way to practice: “One episode and that’s it!”

Edit a Netflix profile
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Response : If Netflix’s initiative can be welcomed, note that the tool offered by the platform is not without flaws. It is clear that some of the content is not intended for children, despite its rating.

On the other hand, you should not shock or shock your children. We will simply say that it is important to monitor the use he makes of the platform. Also note that not having a PIN will not prevent it from accessing your account to see more mature products.

Disney+, the current hero?

In the entire SVOD jigsaw, Disney + is undoubtedly the best fit for kids. With a very rich and well-equipped catalog, especially thanks to the excellent anime, the platform also has a very extensive protection policy for young users.

Since the arrival of more mature Star productions, account protection has also been strengthened. As with Netflix, you must first create a child profile via the home screen. After choosing an avatar and profile name,

Next, go to the Edit Profiles section for the magic to work. First, you can activate and deactivate the child’s profile at any time when the child reaches the required age.

Disney Plus Profile
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Among the fairly practical features of account locking, we will find the possibility of increasing the difficulty of leaving a child’s account with a dedicated question. You can also configure a PIN on other accounts to prevent access to the adult catalog.

On the interface side, they are basically similar to adult profiles, with the difference that only appropriate content can be accessed. However, the interface is simplified to help them navigate.

Response : The Disney+ interface is very locked and that’s thanks to it. It can be seen that security is at the heart of the company’s concerns, with a family primary goal, it makes sense in the end.

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Amazon Prime Video to avoid buying

Amazon Prime Video has some resolution compared to its competitors. The platform’s interface also allows you to buy or rent movies. In the wrong hands, the account can easily add to your monthly bill. To prevent your child from clicking on a paid movie or series, you must first deactivate this ability in the Parental Controls tab.

These are the nerves of the war on the e-commerce giant’s platform, after of course the child profit formation. You can apply reading restrictions, purchase restrictions and also set age groups. Like Disney+, it is possible to lock access to accounts with a PIN code.

Screenshot Profile on Amazon Prime Video
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Note, however, that all downloads from an adult profile are accessible via a child’s profile, so be careful not to download shocking or inappropriate products.

Response : The platform is generally considered effective when it comes to protecting young users. However, it should be noted that the download function is the big black spot of the interface. If you download a horror movie, for example, your child will be able to access it via that same section.

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