How much money do online games bring to the budgets of European countries?

The European gambling market is expected to grow by 9.20% by 2025. This growth is mainly due to software and hardware innovations as well as the increasing popularity of sports betting with improved internet connectivity. In addition, online casinos offer UK gambling services to increase their market shares and improve their profit margins. To gain competitive advantages, casino companies are developing innovative offers, such as signing partnerships with key players in the sector.

In partnership with NonGamStopBets, who review European online casinos for UK players, we identify why Europe is the number one destination for many gambling brands and players. With the total market valued at around $40 billion, it is highly regulated by law and casinos must be licensed. The European gambling market is huge and provides a large number of players with an increase in their income. He is not only orderly, but also strict enough to abide by the laws of the land.

What makes Europe the world leader in gambling?

According to the year-end data report of the European Gambling and Betting Association EGBA, online gaming revenue in Europe is expected to reach $99.5 billion in gross gaming revenue, or RBM, with a growth rate of 19% in 2022.

Online RBM will reach 41% in 2026, up from 26% in 2019. There is still plenty of room for online paper in markets such as Spain, Italy, France and Germany. Europe has a diversified gambling market and has a large player base. Europe has legalized gambling, which produces a large player base from the country itself. The factors that make Europe the world leader in gambling are:

High income gambling

Revenue is the perfect measure of the economy for every industry. The gambling industry in Europe recorded annual revenues of about 34.5 billion dollars, which indicates that the annual amount spent by the bettor per capita is 72.33 dollars.

It is clear that some markets in Europe are very profitable, but it also indicates that Europeans gamble on a large scale, and therefore all gambling start-ups must apply for a license from the Gambling Commission in order to weed out the illegal ones. Due to the large number of gaming platforms, finding a reliable and popular live casino in Belgium is a daunting task. Obtaining a game license is a simple process that helps develop a healthy competition between game providers.

Huge market for sports betting

The most popular sport in Europe is football and many fans are spreading their love for this sport through betting sites. Since football is so popular, online sports betting is very prevalent. Investing in gambling is good for the entire business because both the company and the bookmaker have a vested interest in making money from it. Football betting is not only popular in Europe, but also in other countries. Thanks to the multiple betting options, the number of players in Europe has increased by more than 50%, which has allowed casinos to gain popularity and revenue.

Pioneer in digital entertainment

Europe is the largest market for digital entertainment thanks to its online gambling options. It attracts a large part of the audience thanks to the dominant global market which in turn generates huge income.

Europe offers strict regulations that inspire confidence in gamblers who work with national authorities. It also offers companies first-class services that adhere to a strict policy, making them responsible game operators. The dominant digital market in Europe consists not only of local players, but also of foreign players from all over the world.

In short, Europeans enjoy gambling because most of the major gambling companies are located there. European lawmakers legalized online gambling, allowing citizens to gamble freely. Many independent brands operate in Europe and make the market more competitive. Due to the huge increase in online gambling, the revenue has increased dramatically, attracting many business entities.

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