How to become a real estate agent?

Have you always been interested in real estate and want to retrain? Have you ever heard about the profession of an independent real estate agent? Unlike a traditional real estate agent, the agent works from their home completely independently. Focus on this job with multiple benefits.

Do you dream of freedom? Then perhaps a career as a real estate agent is right for you. Valuation of merchandise, signature of authorizations, negotiations and sales. Missions have many similarities with those of a real estate agent. Like the latter, it is the mediator between the seller and the buyer. With the difference that an independent agent works on behalf of an agency or network. The advantage of this independence lies in the fact that the agent can have different statuses, from a small enterprise to a sole proprietorship.

What are the steps to becoming an independent agent?

1. Become a network agent

First of all, if you want to practice the profession, you must sign a contract with one of the networks. This network must contain a T card, which is also called a transaction card. You will be given this card, so that you can attest to your professionalism while making the transaction. Because you should know that the agent cannot have his own professional card. As explained above, it is necessary for you to be associated with an agency or network to practice working as an agent. This means, therefore, that you sign a commercial agent contract and therefore will not have “special clients” or goodwill.

2. Choose your status

In general, people who practice the profession of independent agent choose the niche of a small business owner. This is mainly due to the ease of administrative and accounting procedures. Moreover, the micro-entrepreneur declares his social contributions only when he is making profits. If you do not make a sale and therefore there is no profit, then you will have to declare “0” to Urssaf. Note that if you choose this status, you must register with the RSAC (Special Registry for Commercial Agents). After that, you can start your new activity right away.

You can also choose the status of a Sole Proprietorship (SI) or a Sole Proprietorship with Limited Liability. The advantage of this social plan is that you do not have a required minimum capital. In addition, you have the option to choose between three tax systems: the regular real system, the simplified real system and the micro-enterprise system. Finally, you have the possibility to recover fees, VAT, and amortize your devices.

All you have to do is choose what suits you best!

3. Obtain civil liability insurance

Since the real estate sector is highly regulated, commercial agents, since September 2015, must obtain insurance in order to be able to operate. The ideal way is to approach directly to the network you belong to to see what insurance you recommend. In fact, the latter can generally benefit from preferential rates.

4. Training

14. This is the number of training hours you must complete to become a commercial agent. It goes without saying that you want to be as professional as possible, but you still need to have all the basic tools to make it happen. If the job is exciting, as the tasks are varied, there are many legal concepts to know. Private Law, Town Planning Law, Economics, Real Estate Management, you will need to be familiar with! Fortunately, many courses are offered, from a few hours of learning, to BTS and even Master 2.

As you understand, an independent real estate agent has the same duties as a real estate agent. The main difference between these two professions lies in prestige. Unlike a traditional real estate agent, the agent will be able to expand their network because they are not stuck with the merchandise and sole clients of their agency. It is a job that offers you many freedoms and benefits, but it is also a job that attracts more and more people. So you will need to prepare yourself well and above all build a strong network.

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